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NEW product is here!!

Hey Guys, NEW product is here!! I love getting my hands on NEW stamps! On the Ocean is retiring, so I HAVE to share a card that I made today on my YouTube Live, you’ll also get to see NEW product and learn some great techniques! That is, If you missed my video you can catch it here. Also, did you know that if you watch Live you will be put in a drawing to get one of these cards mailed to you?!

New product is here!

NEW product is here
NEW product is here
NEW product is here, but this is retiring. :-(
NEW product is here

I’m back from Houston!

As you know, I went to Houston last week for a Stampin’ Up! Convention. I not only got to visit with friends and make new ones, I have the NEW catalog in my hands!! EEEEEE! One of the MANY perks of being a SU! Demo, I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with anything as long as I’ve been one. I’m going on 21 years! So, can you guess what!? Most important, next year the Convention will be here in North Carolina! Of course I am excited since my team will be able to attend with me! In brief, how would you like to go with us? Of course, if you would like to get all the perks of being a Demonstrator on my team click here!

I’d love to have you in my Stamping Family!

In the meantime, join the Fun! Of course, you can become a member of Stampin’ Up and my community, called The Tedder Bears! with the purchase of the Stampin’ Up starter kit.

 Our group across the U.S. is made up of hobby stampers and more business minded stampers, and we welcome everyone!

There are many perks to being part of Stampin’ Up:

1. Ongoing 20% discount off all of your orders (and the ability to increase that to 25%)

2. Earn additional income of up to another 18% of your sales

3. VIP access to new product releases and pre-order before they hit the streets

4. Earn free stamps with various promotions

5. Qualify for cash bonuses, product rewards, incentive trips and more

6. Receive Succeed Weekly electronically on a monthly basis

Here are the perks for Joining: The Tedder Bears

  • Join us for our Monthly meeting where we get together and have fun stamping or just having a meal together!
  • Get Exclusive pdfs which have 16 projects with instructions and pictures every month for free!
  • About the Starter Kit….The kit is a sweet deal – just pick out $125 of product for only $99 – and no shipping!
  • Get a discount on my classes!

Until next time!

Every Thursday I have a video and I would love it if you would join us! Of course I always try to make things that I think YOU will like, but you can always let me know if there is something you want to see! Thank you for being here and my hope is that you enjoyed my projects! Until next time!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Stamping Technique!

Hey Guys, a Stamping Technique is the theme for today! Of course I stamp almost every day, but I haven’t done Emboss Resist in YEARS! Even though I’ve done it before I had to look it up since it’s been so long! If you would like to join me in my Live and possibly get one of the cards click here for the video! But, did you know if you join Live on YouTube you can be in the drawing for getting one of the cards I make delivered to you!?

Stamping Technique=Emboss Resist!

Stamping Technique!
Stamping Technique inside
Stamping Technique=scene
Stamping Techniques=scenery

Did You Know?

In brief, a Stamping Technique is not the only thing you can do. Did you know that both cards use product that are from Sale-a-Bration? What does that mean? It means that for money you are already spending on product from SU! you can get these sets for FREE! Of course there is a qualifying purchase to get them, but who doesn’t love free things!? For this reason be sure and check out what goodies you can get! Another great thing about SAB is that you can also join and get either the Glass Mat or extra $$ when you join! Click here to join my Team and become a Tedder Bear! Of course I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how you can maximize your investment and get a discount!

Do you have a New Years’ resolution?

Funny thing, I don’t usually have a resolution, but this year I decided that I am sharing my history with my kids. 2 years ago on Christmas my Daughter bought me a StoryWorth subscription where she picked out questions and I answer them. Of course, this is not stamping relevant, but thought it interesting enough to share with you! In short, I only did 9 stories in the entire year, so this year I am dedicating every Friday to tell 1 story!! Wish me luck that I keep it up, you KNOW what New Year Resolutions end up being!! 🙂

Finally enough with a Stamping Technique

Owing to the fact that I REALLY love that you visit me and support my small business, Thank you! In short, I appreciate that you take time out of your schedule to visit me! Of course my wish is that I will make something that inspires you! Most important is that I get you excited to stamp and make memories for you and your loved ones!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Who Doesn’t love a Carousel!?

Hey Guys, Who Doesn’t love a Carousel!? I love horses period, you would think that a Carousel wouldn’t be fun, but it is! Of course it brings back memories of when my kids were little and HAD to ride every time we saw it! As always since it is Thursday I have a video for you where I make this card, if you missed it, click here. Despite making some mistakes in my video, my hope is that you will learn from my mistakes and try making this!

Who Doesn’t love a Carousel!?

Who Doesn't love a Carousel!? This is how it will look when you get it!
Who Doesn't love a Carousel!?  Here it is Open!

Overall, this card makes me happy! This is why I HAD to make it when I saw Tami make it! Particularly I love the colors, don’t you? Thank you Tami White for your help!

World Card Making Day

World Card Making Day is on the 7th of October, can you believe it’s almost October already?! If you would like to stamp along with us, you only need to Register before the 7th. Of course, Stampin’ Up! has stamp sets that can be substituted for the ones they use. Indeed this should be fun and we can spend stamping time together and get all sorts of ideas!!

Join the SU! Family and get Discounts!

Equally important to being able to craft, you can get your supplies at a discount! Besides meeting other Demo’s you can be a Happy Shopper because you can buy more if you join! Previously I have told you that I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you about the BEST DEAL all the time, and that is to be a Discount Shopper and join my team! Equally important is for you to know that you DON’T have to be a ‘Demo’, you don’t have to put yourself out there and be uncomfortable. Indeed I only stamped with friends and myself for YEARS before I wanted to make some money with SU! If you are interested, click here to get more info.

Once again, Thank you!

Above all, I want to thank you for being here! Undoubtedly you could be anywhere else, but you chose to be here with me! Of course I tell you every week how thankful I am for your support, but do you know that I REALLY mean it!? I’m not a BIG Demonstrator, I do my thing and stay busy. Basically I appreciate you because you stick with me even if I am small potatoes! 🙂 Indeed I hope to ‘see’ you again next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Three cards – Fancy and silly

Plus NEW product to see

Hey guys, There are Three cards to see today, one is fancy, one is silly and the other is beautiful! Also, you won’t want to miss the fact that I am sharing BRAND NEW product today!! Of course, as a Demo for SU! I get to purchase things BEFORE those who aren’t Demo’s. Conversely I am sharing with you the NEW Horse & Sleigh stamp set/bundle that will be coming out next month. All in all, today is Thursday and my Live day on YouTube! If you missed it you can catch it here. As always if you watch Live you can be in the drawing to get one of these cards!

Three Cards – Fancy and Silly, here is the Silly one

Three cards - Fancy and silly, thi sis the silly one

Three cards – here is the fancy one

three cards - here is the fancy one

Three Cards – you saw fancy and silly now here is the Beautiful one!

This is a take on a card I saw on Pinterest by Carol Buckalew

Want to maximize your investment?

Of course, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how to maximize your investment when you buy SU product! As always the deal to join Stampin’ Up! is the best thing in town! But, for the month of June they have sweetened the pot! Not only do you get to spend $99 and get $125 worth of product, but this month you get MORE to spend! Before the month is gone, you can join for the $99 but now you’ll get $155 to spend!!

Emphatically I would love to have you join my team, The Tedder Bears. We get together every month and make cards, bond and laugh! Equally important if you join my team you get the PDF that has 16 projects that are intended for those who buy $35 or more. BUT you get it every month! Click here to join me and The Tedder Bears!


As always, I want you to understand that the fact that you are here and reading this tickles me to no end! Evidently I figure if you are reading this that you enjoy being here! Thank you so much!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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I’m making three wow greeting cards today where I use fancy folds, Dies and Blending!

We’re playing ‘outside’ today!

Hey guys, As I have noted I’m making three wow greeting cards today! Obviously, each one uses stamps from Stampin’ Up! that have an outdoor theme! Of course, now that summer is close it puts me in the mood to go outside, NOT, but it does make me want to stamp outside themes! Indeed, today is Thursday and it’s video day! Every other week I do a Live and then the following week I do a recorded video. Correspondingly today is a LIVE day! All in all, If you missed it click here. Also, did you know that I give a card away that I am making on my Live? Basically you only need to comment while I’m doing my live to be put in the drawing!

1. THREE Wow Greeting Cards – Card 1

Three wow cards, card 1

2. Three Wow Greeting cards – card 2

Three wow cards, card 2

3. Three Wow Greeting cards – card 3

card 3 of three wow cards

Do you want the PDF’s?

Overall I want you to know that I am here for you. Because I am, I’m offering free PDF’s for those of you who are on my mailing list
(sign up on right —–>). Moreover, I send out at least every other week the PDF’s on all my projects I have done for my Thursday videos! Basically, think of all the inspiration you will be getting! Also, I would LOVE to be your Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator!

Here’s how

If you like what you see and I teach you a lot, purchasing your supplies through me not only tells me that you like what I show you, but it let’s me see that you do! First thing to remember If you purchase $35 or more from me, at the end of the month you will get from me a PDF with 16 projects!! At this point want a sneak Peek?! After all that, here it is!

By all means I hope you have enjoyed your visit here! Even more I would love it if I inspired you! Identically I get inspired all the time, I saw the winter scene by Frenchie and the Aspen trees I was inspired by Stampsnlingers! Indeed, we all are inspired by what we see, my hope is that I helped inspire you! Lastly, I would be so pleased if you would come back!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Fun & Funny Stamping

Featuring Beautiful Balloons and Hey Chuck

Hey Guys, Fun & Funny Stamping is right up my Alley!! Of course I love to laugh (who doesn’t!?), so I made one of the cards super funny (at least to me). Every day I look in the mirror I SEE that I love to laugh! If you would like to join me on my Live and watch these cards being made, click here! As can be seen in this card Fun & Funny Stamping is the best!

Fun & Funny stamping, I used Wonderful Thoughts to make this funny.

Fun & Funny stamping – THIS is my FUN card

Who doesn’t love Frills!? The dies for this Balloon stamp set has Frills! Definitely, I wanted to show how you could look at the catalog and use the images to make something. Especially since the Stampin’ Up! catalog is FULL of ideas! Moreover I used the design for this card from the catalog, BUT the card in the catalog was a Slim Line card. So, I decided to use the design but make it different, so I could be me.

This is the FUN part of 'Fun & Funny stamping'

New Catalog is Now out!!

Surely, you know if you follow Stampin’ Up! at all that our new Catalog is now out! Of course as soon as I saw the Hey Chuck set I HAD to get it! Then I saw the Balloon set and when you put the Dies together with the set, it’s perfect! IF you like the Hey Chuck set and want to get a PDF of 16 card projects using NEW sets click here! Furthermore I added my Host code to that link, so you could get BOTH the stamp bundle and the PDF!


At this point, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say! Of course I am going to tell you that I appreciate you coming here and reading my post! The fact that you are here makes me so excited that you like what you see/read! Please come back next week when I will be having another video to share! YOU are the reason I do what I do, thank you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Stamps & Dies Unconventionally

Rhino Ready done creatively

Hey guys, today I am using stamps & dies unconventionally by making the dies/stamps creatively. Of course my brain went somewhere different! When I saw the dies, the trunk reminded me of Lightning. So, I HAD to try and see what I came up with! Now, that’s just one card, the other has the Rhino from the Rhino Ready stamp set hiding in the grass, getting ready to jump into action! Most importantly you can go see the video where I make both cards here!

Stamps Unconventionally

Stamps & Inks unconventionally, this time it's the stamp I used differently
Stamps & inks unconventionally
He didn’t pounce, he came out to say hi!!

Dies Unconventionally

LOVE how the lightning came out!
Stamps & Dies Unconventionally
I giggle when I see this card, hope you like it! Be sure and watch video since I changed it up a little.

Talk about Stamps & Dies Unconventionally!!

For those who love the Unconventional, click here to see another post. Here is one more sample I made a while ago, that I was tickled with!! Of course, if you want to see the video I have it!!

Unconventional Stamps and Dies
This uses an upside down Snowman die with another die to make a keyhole!!

Get the PDF’s for FREE!!

Be sure and sign up for my Newsletter (see blog to right), I send out the PDF’s to my list, so be sure and be on it! Making Stamps & Dies Unconventionally is not something I am new at, be sure and check this out, and this! Of course it’s that easy, to get my PDF’s. On account that I am a giver and a people pleaser, hope you sign up so you too can get them!


This time, the PDF has 16 projects on it! Not to mention that all 16 projects have instructions and color photo’s! How do you get it? In this situation you only need to purchase $35 or more with me, you can click any picture below to head to my OnLine Store! Here is a sneak peek!!

Sneak peek for $35 or more in purchases


To enumerate, you KNOW if you have followed me that I love and appreciate you! In essence, you could go anywhere to get ideas, the fact you came here is not lost on me! In brief YOU matter to me! Thank you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Alternatives for Kindness Kit

You won’t want to miss this one!

Hey Guys, I’m so excited to share with you Alternatives for the Kindness Kit along with making the kit! Of course when I opened the kit, I was wowed with how much thought went into making this something to share with others. It is so pretty! But, you KNOW I have to change things up, so I made TWO alternatives for the Kindness Kit!! Overall, I do my video every Thursday at 4:00 eastern. If you are late to this blog you can go see what you missed on my YouTube page!

Kindness Kit details:

Kindness kit supplies

My Alternatives for Kindness Kit

Alternatives for kindness kit
alternatives for kindness kit

Want a FREE Pdf of BOTH of these projects!?

Every time I have a video I make a PDF for my projects. After that, I send out a Newsletter with the PDF’s included! How do YOU sign up for the Newsletter? It’s easy, you only need to look at the right when you’re reading my blog and fill out the form for my Newsletter! Because I don’t send out Newsletters EVERY week, I send out what I made between the Newsletters. This way you won’t miss out on anything, but you are also not getting a NL EVERY week! Of course, I am one of those ‘giving people’ so I want to be sure that you have access to whatever I make. So, my ask is that you sign up! After all, you only need to look at the things I have blogged to give you an idea of what you will be getting, click here to see!

Join the Besties Club!

Important to realize is that I offer a Club that is probably the BEST deal you will come across! Basically the Besties are my 2 Friends and I each make 2 cards using the same products (ever see Chopped!?). This must be remembered that the three of us have the same product to use, we NEVER come up with the same ideas! Of course there is no kidding here, every month I learn something new and I have been stamping for over 22 years!

Another key point, each month with your kit you get $22 approx. of product! Chiefly it is a roll of ribbon, a package of Embellishments and a half pack of DSP, plus you get a PDF with all 6 projects! Moreover, you will get all the ingredients to make the cards (cut & ready for you to put together!) we also have a Facebook group where we have contests, share tips and have fun! You also get a pillow gift! All this for $40 for porch pickup or $47 if I need to mail it!

Of course we also tell you what is coming the next month so if you want to buy the stamps/bundle you can, but it is not necessary you can always use what you have on hand! To emphasize, this month is our TWO year anniversary! Certainly when we started I don’t think any of us thought we would be still going strong two years later! To explain, If you want more info look at the top bar on my blog and click on The Stampin’ Besties Club.


Certainly, I always say thank you in this spot. But I’m not sure if you realize how MUCH I appreciate you being here! As a matter of fact, I know you have choices for where you spend your time. At the same time, If you spent ANY of it with me, I am thankful! Of course, my hope is that I can help you with your crafting needs too! Given that, see you next time!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Sneak Peek for FREE

SAB is almost here!

Hey Guys, today I am sharing a sneak Peek for FREE items coming out in January! Overall, this definitely will help you decide which one you want first. Nevertheless, every week, I go through what I want to show you, and this week I didn’t have to look very hard. Because the Adorable Owls set is just like it says, stinkin’ ADORABLE! Also I thought that who wants to see flowers!? But after finishing my card, it is soooo pretty I am so happy I chose it! Overall which one do you like better? To watch these cards being made, you can catch it here Live today on YouTube at 4 eastern, or you can watch it later!

Sneak Peek for FREE

Sneak Peek for Free
Inside the Adorable Owls

2nd card for Sneak Peek for FREE

Beautifully Happy
Sneak peek for free

Want FREE Pdf’s?

Of course, you can get two different PDF’s from me: One that I send out every week that corresponds with my weekly YouTube/Blog posts. The 2nd one is at the present time, one I send out that has 16 projects for those who spend $35 or more. Specifically, the latter is to reward those who order and the 1st is for everyone who subscribes to my Newsletter for free! I equally love them both, however they both rock for different reasons. Since the one with the 16 projects is done by 15 other people and myself. Undeniably anything I can get ideas for that I don’t have to come up with is awesome! And this group is full of talent!

Emphatically, I LOVE my cards, and want to share them with you! But, the easiest way is to put them into my Newsletter, all you have to do is sign up and Voila you get them each week! Besides did you know that I used to think I had NO CRAFTING talent!? It wasn’t until I got into Stampin’ Up! that I found out that it’s not as hard as I had at first thought! Forthwith let me know if you would like to learn anything, or need help in finding your Crafty MoJo.

Get in on being a Happy Shopper

Unquestionably everyone loves a DEAL! Nonetheless, SU! has a deal for you! Next month during Sale-a-Bration (SAB) you can join this awesome company and my team! As a matter of fact at Lets Stamp! (my team name) we get together, all in all every month and stamp together. Undoubtedly these women in my Team are so fun to hang out with! YOU would fit right in! Click here to join! Subsequently SU! every year during SAB has a great joining offer! This one is a beauty! You can get a FREE Stampin’ Mini Cut & Emboss machine in BOHO Blue or in the regular White along with spending $175 for only $129! OR you can get $175 to spend and not get the machine but the cost is only $99!! I know which one I would pick!


I would finally like to thank you for stopping by! It means a lot to me knowing you spent your time with me! I honestly hope that you have enjoyed my projects! I hope to see you here again next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former CA girl living in North Carolina

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Copy REAL Picture

Beach scene Google Pics recreated with stamps!

Hey Guys, of course today I am going to show you how to copy a REAL picture using stamps! Earlier on Google I saw a picture of a beach with palms and the ocean.

I'm going to copy this REAL picture using stamps!
Google Pic I’m copying

Copy a REAL picture!

Moreover, after seeing my card the only thing I am missing is the clouds! However everything else I included. Finally below you will see the card I made plus be able to get this stamp Bundle at a DISCOUNT, but only for a limited time! Also, I am offering a free PDF to anyone who stops by and reads this post. To start with, I wanted to make a Beach Scene using this stamp set (Paradise Palms), but didn’t know what to make. Earlier, I googled Beach scenes and the above picture jumped out at me. Correspondingly the Pdf below will step you through my process, but you can indeed also see me make it here.

My copy of REAL picture!

I copied a REAL picture with Stamps from SU!
I hope you love it as much as I do!

Card 2

However for my 2nd card, I wanted to highlight the Dies in the set. Indeed, I am not going to copy a REAL picture this time! Basically, I found a card on Pinterest from Tina Wardell, that inspired me. Evidently, when using the Blending Brushes, I chose three SU! colors that I thought looked like a night sky falling. Moreover, I Divided the space into 3 so I could make the Palm tree pop, check out my Pdf to see how or again watch my video.

NOT copied from a REAL picture
Little Paradise

As I said earlier, get this Bundle (stamp set & Dies) at a 10% discount, if you purchase before June! It won’t be discounted once the new Catalog comes out. Equally, If you decide that you’d like to buy them, I would love it if you would make me your Demonstrator! In short, if you buy $35 or more from my OnLine Store you will also get a PDF from me containing 16 projects with step by step instructions along with color photos of the projects! Therefore, here is a sneak peek!

All these projects on a pdf with a Qualifying order!
Get this PDF with a Qualifying order of $35 or more!

Wrapping it up!

Again thank you for stopping by. of course, if there is anything you would like me to use or a technique you’d like to see, leave me a message and I’ll do my best! Indeed, I love a challenge! Otherwise I will try and think of what you would like! Surely you won’t mind letting me know what you would like to see! Especially, I love to get feedback! Another key point is I love to learn!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Supplies used, click to be taken to my online store.

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