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Reflection Card

Using Rhino Ready

Hey Guys, I’m making a Reflection card today as well as a cool card using Heron Habitat over on YouTube! The Reflection card uses Rhino Ready the stamp set only sold OnLine. BOTH of these sets you just might want to get sooner rather than later. As far as Heron Habitat, the dies are already sold out and they aren’t coming back. Of course this means that this stamp set is retiring. As far as Rhino Ready goes, it is only available OnLine, so we don’t know how long it will be there.

Reflection card

Reflection Card. LOVE how they look so happy!

I used a Wite Out pen!

Get BOTH PDF's for the cards today, just register for my Newsletter!

Get the PDF’s! Even the Reflection Card

Presently, you can get the PDF’s for both these projects, just by signing up for my Newsletter!! This can be found to the right on my Blog. Every week, I do a video and make PDFs which I then share to those who are on my Newsletter list!! Surely, getting a free PDF is a deal, I send out my Newsletter a couple times a month, so these add up!

Want more PDF’s?

Another key point is that I also offer another PDF with 16 projects! By comparison of my tiny PDF’s with only one project each one, this one has the same step by step instructions along with color photo’s, only this one has 16! How do you get it, you ask…you only need purchase $35 worth of product from me in My Online Store! As shown below, here is a sneak peek:

Sneak peek of pdf


Of course I say this all the time, but I really mean it, THANK you! Basically I know that you can visit anywhere online, the fact you visit my blog and watch my videos mean so much to me! I appreciate you so much! Henceforth I would love it if you would join me on my Lives (every other week) so I could thank you in person AND get to talk with you! As far as my videos, I do a Live every other week and fill in with ones I do beforehand, so I have a video every week. I emphatically hope to see you on one of my Lives!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Phenomenal Card!

Z Fold Block card

Hey Guys, today I am sharing with you a Phenomenal card! I saw this Z fold block card on YouTube by Lisa Curcio, and as soon as I saw it I HAD to make it! If you would like to SEE how this is made you can catch the video here. There’s a lot of layers but, let me tell you that it’s worth it!!

Phenomenal Card Sneak Peek!

Phenomenal card using Two-Tone Flora Bundle


Basically, Stampin’ Up!’s Mini Catalog is coming to an end. MOST of the things in there are priced down with some being on sale for 60% off!! There are so many stamp sets that I LOVE in that catalog and the idea that we can get them at a discount…! In the long run, if you would like to see some ideas, you can scroll through my feed here on my Blog and you will find ALL kinds of ideas!! I LOVE to stamp, create and share!

Join the Happy Shopper Group!

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you that you can get a lot more value out of your purchases with Stampin’ Up! When you join SU! you not only get to shop early (get things BEFORE everyone else) but you also get them at a discount! Now, who doesn’t love a good discount?!!

When I joined I did if for the discount, and it’s the reason why I’ll always be a Demo. I absolutely LOVE a deal! When YOU join my team, you will get the discount and be able to shop early, but you also get ME! In the first place I have been stamping for over 20 years. I have a lot of knowledge that you will benefit from. Secondly you will also get to hang out with me and my team while we create together, either via Zoom or in person! Another thing, every month I buy one of my team members a stamp set that they choose. Of course the person will need to make a few samples using that set and share with the group. But who doesn’t love a free stamp?! Click here to sign up!


Important to realize is that I appreciate you so much! The fact that you are reading this says a lot to me! I love creating and the fact that you are here means you like what you saw! Being an owner of a small business that just makes me happy! If you ever want to see me either use a stamp set or do a technique, just ask! I’m here for you! Thanks again!

Lisa Tedder
A former CA girl living in North Carolina

P.S. The reason I can’t link the new items is because they won’t link until they become available to you.

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Make cards like a PRO

There’s a reason flower stamps are popular!

Hey Guys, Want to make cards like a PRO? Particularly if you follow along with my video and you will be amazed at how easy it is! Before you start thinking that you can’t do what I do, I thought the same! Admittedly I had a learning curve, but I didn’t have someone like me helping! Of course, Attending a stamp class is easy, usually I have everything cut and ready and walk you through each step. Join Stampin’ Besties and not only do I have a pdf, but we also make all 6 cards on video for you to watch over and over!

Make cards like a pro

Another key point is that Stampin’ Besties is the best way to start getting product in your hands AND learn how to stamp! Click here to read more. Undeniably for $40 (shipping is extra) you get between $20 – $23 worth of product, color PDF with step by step instructions, video with step by step direction from all THREE Demonstrators! For that price surely you can see, I cut everything needed for the class, including the Die Cutting plus you get all that Product!! IF you decide you want to get an even better price so you can buy the stamps &/or Bundle we use, you can join SU! and be a Happy Shopper with at least a 20% discount! For the month of October you can sign up for $99 BUT you get $155 worth of product YOU can pick out!! Click here to sign up.

I could use your help

Undeniably I could use your help. Therefore, If you could spread the word about my blog/videos, I would really appreciate it! Undeniably I have been stagnate in my numbers and haven’t seen a growth considering that I have been doing this for almost 2 years.

Similarly, In my blog, which I do every week along with my video, I show you a lot of ways to stamp. Of course, If you would like to see other cards using this stamp set (Sending Smiles) click here.

Today’s cards:

Make cards like a PRO

Card 2:

Make cards like a pro

Get a card in the mail from me!

Equally important, Did you know that you can get a card in the mail from me just by joining me on one of my YouTube Lives? The only thing you would need to do is comment while I’m live. Because, every week I usually make two cards sometimes more, and I have a random drawing for those that comment. Then you can tell me which one you like that I made that day!! Surprisingly, I’ve sent cards to people in the US, AND over seas! Basically, Check out any of my lives on my Channel and you can see the type of cards I do! Such as, making cards like a pro!

I want to thank you!

Thanks for reading this far! I really do appreciate you taking out time in your schedule to be here! Of course, you mean the world to me!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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You’re in for a Treat!!

3 cards, 1 fancy fold, 1 Christmas Beach & 1 Slim Line

Hey Guys! You’re in for a Treat! I went to NOLA last week and came back basically ready to share with you! Consequently today I am sharing 3 cards, 1 fancy fold, 1 Christmas Beach & 1 Slim Line! Chiefly I LOVE all these so much I can’t stop looking at them! Of course that says a lot since I have been a Demo with Stampin’ Up! for over 19 years, besides I am thrilled when I make something that even I LOVE! I hope you will watch my YouTube video where I particularly show how to make all 3 cards. Indeed I have to thank Lavonne Schwendeman on the Template, you will find it below, regardless I changed up some of the measurements so it is a little different than hers. Likewise, I would like to thank Elaine Harding for the Slim Line card idea. Therefore I love sharing ideas!

Here’s my first card:

You're in for a treat with this one! Click below to get instructions and below that is the template.
Download Directions and Template below also you will see what it looks like closed and partially open

2nd Card you’re in for a treat!

You're in for a treat, wouldn't you love to sit under this umbrella and read a book?!
Click below for directions

3rd and final surprise!

 You're in for a Treat, this is an awesome Christmas card from the beach!

Surprises continue this month at SU!

Specifically I am talking about a sale that SU! is doing surprisingly for each week this month.

You're in for a treat all Month long!
Presently you’re in for a treat all month!!

For one thing, each week starting today until the 7th, there are sales! Of course starting the next week on the 8th – 14th and so on. Emphatically I urge you to check back each week, click on my website to see what is happening each week!! Undoubtedly for orders each month equaling $35 or more I will be sending you one of my handmade cards! Likewise you will get a PDF with 16 projects with step by step instructions plus color photos! Consequently I am trying to spoil you! At the same time, you are spoiling me by choosing me! Of course, if there is something you would like to see, just let me know!

Can you see why I said you’re in for a treat!?

Having gone to Backstage in New Orleans, overall I would love it if you could join me next year! Moreover, you will join us (my Stampin’ Up! Team: LET’s Stamp!) while we do monthly cards in our team meeting! As a result of my team meetings those who attend learn great ways to stamp and bond with each other! Also I pick a downline each month to buy a stamp set for where they use the stamps to make a few cards to share. Of course, if you’d rather now share that is ok! By all means go at your own pace, but if you by chance, want to learn how to be a Happy Shopper and get your supplies with a DISCOUNT let me know, above all I will set you up!

Thank you for stopping by, it especially means the WORLD to me!! Undeniably I would love it if you could join one of my LIVES on YouTube on Thursday’s at 4:00 (eastern). For each person who comments during my Live, in particular there’s a drawing to win one of the cards I made that day! Of course, I would love to mail you one! Above all, I hope to see you next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Supplies used

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Copy REAL Picture

Beach scene Google Pics recreated with stamps!

Hey Guys, of course today I am going to show you how to copy a REAL picture using stamps! Earlier on Google I saw a picture of a beach with palms and the ocean.

I'm going to copy this REAL picture using stamps!
Google Pic I’m copying

Copy a REAL picture!

Moreover, after seeing my card the only thing I am missing is the clouds! However everything else I included. Finally below you will see the card I made plus be able to get this stamp Bundle at a DISCOUNT, but only for a limited time! Also, I am offering a free PDF to anyone who stops by and reads this post. To start with, I wanted to make a Beach Scene using this stamp set (Paradise Palms), but didn’t know what to make. Earlier, I googled Beach scenes and the above picture jumped out at me. Correspondingly the Pdf below will step you through my process, but you can indeed also see me make it here.

My copy of REAL picture!

I copied a REAL picture with Stamps from SU!
I hope you love it as much as I do!

Card 2

However for my 2nd card, I wanted to highlight the Dies in the set. Indeed, I am not going to copy a REAL picture this time! Basically, I found a card on Pinterest from Tina Wardell, that inspired me. Evidently, when using the Blending Brushes, I chose three SU! colors that I thought looked like a night sky falling. Moreover, I Divided the space into 3 so I could make the Palm tree pop, check out my Pdf to see how or again watch my video.

NOT copied from a REAL picture
Little Paradise

As I said earlier, get this Bundle (stamp set & Dies) at a 10% discount, if you purchase before June! It won’t be discounted once the new Catalog comes out. Equally, If you decide that you’d like to buy them, I would love it if you would make me your Demonstrator! In short, if you buy $35 or more from my OnLine Store you will also get a PDF from me containing 16 projects with step by step instructions along with color photos of the projects! Therefore, here is a sneak peek!

All these projects on a pdf with a Qualifying order!
Get this PDF with a Qualifying order of $35 or more!

Wrapping it up!

Again thank you for stopping by. of course, if there is anything you would like me to use or a technique you’d like to see, leave me a message and I’ll do my best! Indeed, I love a challenge! Otherwise I will try and think of what you would like! Surely you won’t mind letting me know what you would like to see! Especially, I love to get feedback! Another key point is I love to learn!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Supplies used, click to be taken to my online store.

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Going to the Beach

Tired of the Cold

Hey guys, I’m going to the beach. I’m tired of the cold! Generally I am ALWAYS tired of cold, I am a girl who is not happy when it’s cold. I am sharing with you today two cards, of course, where I will be going to the beach! Of course I adore the ocean, growing up in Southern California I went to the beach all the time. Because I live in North Carolina I don’t get to go as often.

First thing to remember is every week I make cards for you that I also do a video on, indeed you can see the video for these two cards here. Moreover if you missed my other videos but would like to catch up, of course you can, just click here. Download my cards with a PDF and follow along if you desire!

Going to the Beach!
I absolutely LOVE that fence!
Another card where I go to the Beach
I love sunrises and sunsets at the Beach!

Become a Happy Shopper

Why did I join Stampin’ Up! almost 19 years ago? Of course it is because I wanted the Discount! Not to mention that I also wanted to get Color Coordination. Compared to trying to scrapbook and coordinate the colors on my page, SU! made it simple! Undeniably their products match each other, the ribbons, inks, papers embellishments ALL color coordinate. That takes away all the guess work for me! After all once you pick the color that best goes with your photo, the rest is easy! Join my team and you too can be a Happy Shopper! Coupled with getting a discount, my team get’s together every month and we stamp and swap cards! I also teach you how to do watermarks and make pdf’s along with other teaching tools.

Get a PDF with a Qualifying order!

Every month I work with 16 other Demonstrators where we each make a project, write down the instructions and include pictures. How can you get this PDF you ask? Of course it is super simple….with a Qualifying order ($35 or more) you will receive in your email a PDF with directions on how to make each one! As can be seen below there is a sneak peek!

This month it's all double scrapbook pages!
Love scrapbooking!

Stampin’ Besties Club!

Undeniably my favorite part of being a SU! demo is being able to do classes with my Besties! Carol, Hetty and I get together virtually moreover we plan 6 cards using the same stamps/suites! It’s amazing how the three of us identically use the same product and be totally different! Rarely do we get to come together in person, so we have so much fun in our Besties Club! Not only do you get 3 Designers, but you get so much more! Check out this page to find out more then let me know you want to be a Bestie too!


Notwithstanding, I am finishing my post today, I would also like you to know that I appreciate you! After all, The fact that you are reading this has made my day! I work hard to make my posts interesting and particularly hope you find them so. Also, below my sign off are the pictures that you can click on of the product used in today’s cards. Click on any of them, after that you will be taken to my Online Store! My hope is that you love the cards today and will of course want to try them out yourselves! Until next Thursday!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Supplies: Click any to shop!

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Underwater Magic

With Seas the Day-Make your own seascape!

Hey Guys, Unlike my son I like to see Underwater Magic from my craft room chair. Basically if you, by chance don’t want to get wet Watch my video here! Because I made my own magical seascape! Whereas He likes to put on all the gear and Scuba Dive. While that is awesome for him, undeniably I am too afraid of not being in control. As a matter of fact for most things I would prefer crafting rather than running around. Presently my Stampin’ Up! anniversary is almost here, indeed in June I will have been a Demonstrator for 19 years! Shockingly, I have done this job MUCH longer than I thought possible, nevertheless I have LOVED every moment!

Because I love it so much I can definitely tell you that I’d love having you join my team. Moreover, we get together every month and stamp/laugh and visit! For one thing, you may find that you also have a knack for crafting despite thinking you aren’t creative. Because that is what I did. Basically I was not creative vs my sister who was, at least I thought that. Then I discovered SU! and to my joy I found I DO have talent! Since I figured that out, I love to show others that they too can create lovely things chiefly because SU! makes it easy. Of course, they coordinate their colors! Because of that, no more trying to match cardstock to ribbon/rhinestones/ink!

Card time!

To Demonstrate how much I love creating, first let me show you my cards. Occasionally I have 3 or more cards, but today I have 2. Emphatically they are very pretty and are not ‘less than’. Overall I work hard on bringing you inspiration so I thought I would bring you some Underwater Magic!

Ready for Underwater Magic??

Card 1

Underwater magic with Jelly fish
Isn’t this seascape magical!?

Card 2 Underwater Magic

Underwater magic without all the layers
Can you see the cute bubbles?

Are you a Happy Shopper?

Coupled with getting to get things from the catalog early, I also get a discount! Of course that is why I decided to be a Demo. I wanted to be a Discount shopper besides that I love that I get all kind of perks! Not only do I buy early AND at a discount, but I also get to travel and meet others with the same passion! I would be honored, certainly If you would like to join Stampin’ Up! and my team to get these perks!

As I wrote above, I got to meet Hetty and Carol at an event obviously they are my Besties! Moreover we have been doing a stamping Club for over a year now! Besides getting 3 people planning your class, you get:

  • 6 cards created by three very different designers
  • product that you will have enough for the class and more!
  • PDF with all of the projects with pictures and step by step instructions
  • Zoom party where we get together and make the projects
  • For every 6 consecutive months you get a $25 shopping spree!
  • Stamping Challenges on our Private Facebook Group
  • Prizes!

For more info on the Stampin’ Besties club check it out! Indeed, we have a ton of fun and you will love it!

Wrapping it up

My hope is that you enjoyed the cards you saw today! I appreciate you visiting moreover I hope you visit my YouTube Channel. Overall you can see all kinds of projects/techniques/fancy folds, indeed there is something there for everyone! Lastly, THANK YOU for your support and if there is anything I can show you please let me know!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Supplies, click on any to order

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I’m excited for you to see this!

This Boat Rides the waves

Hey Guys! This boat rides the waves, I’m excited to show you how! Basically I saw someone the other day make a card where a Bee ‘flew’ around a flower. After that I never got to see how she did it. I thought about it and realized that if I used a magnet I could figure it out! As usual I have made a video where I show you how I made it work! Of course I do a video every Thursday on my YouTube channel. Because I’ve been doing it for over a year there are quite a bit to watch. Whereas I love doing things a little more detailed. I would love to know if you want me to make easier cards too.

Thinking of Ukraine
Thinking of Ukraine

This Boat Rides the Waves!

This boat Rides the Waves!!
Love this card!!

I’m here for you

First thing to remember is that I am here for YOU! Being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for almost 19 years, of course I have learned a lot about making cards. Overall my goal is to do what you would like to see! As a matter of fact, I would love to be YOUR Demonstrator so if you see anything you want of course you can either order from my OnLine store or contact me and I’ll help you!

Overall I want to make things as easy for you as I can! Henceforth I am going to be providing ‘Class handouts’ where I have everything listed for you to reproduce. Thus below you will see a PDF that you can download of each project. Moreover if you decide to shop with me, particularly anything over $35. Coupled with your order receive a PDF full of 16 projects with step by step instructions and color photos!

Class Handouts

Supporting Ukraine

As for the first card, my heart is so sad watching the news and seeing what is going on in Ukraine! I HAD to make a card using their colors. I hope that someone sees it and understands that we are praying for them!

Let’s Ride the Waves

I also made a card that makes me happy, I certainly giggle every time I turn the wheel! Likewise I hope you get as much fun when you make this card!

Lastly, Thank you so much for coming and visiting me! My hope is you will also visit me on one of My Lives on YouTube Thursday’s! Every ‘class’ I do Live I give away both the cards I make to those who are attending! Of course you will be in a drawing for one of the cards! I wish I had the time to make one for each of you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Stunning Welcoming Windows

Hey Guys!,

For today’s class I am using the stunning Welcoming Windows stamp set from Stampin’ Up! Every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. (eastern) I have a mini stamp class that I do on YouTube Live! If you missed my blog post sharing last weeks class, you can click here. Of course, if you missed it you can always watch me live the next time, I really love being able to talk to someone OTHER than my husband!! LOL

Stunning Welcoming Window
Stunning Welcoming Windows – card inside
Stunning Welcoming Windows – card 2
Welcoming Windows card 2 inside

Aren’t those so pretty!! Hence the reason I titled this Stunning Welcoming Windows! I LOVE the bricks and the window! Don’t you!?

As usual, here are the specifics for these cards:

  • Stamps:
  • Welcoming Window Bundle
  • Approaching Perfection
  • Inks:
  • Terracotta Tile
  • Old Olive
  • Basic Gray
  • Memento black
  • Markers:
  • Terracotta Tile
  • Old Olive
  • Stampin’ Write black marker
  • Paper:
  • Terracotta Tile: 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″, 5″ x 3 3/4″ (x2) (card 1), 5 1/4″ x 4″ (x2) card 2
  • Basic Black 5 1/8″ x 3 7/8″ (x2), scrap for window card 1, 11″ x 5 1/2″ (card 2)
  • Basic Gray scrap for card 1
  • Basic White scraps for BOTH cards, 5″ x 3 3/4″ (x2 card 2), 5″ x 3 3/4″ (inside card 1)
  • Early Espresso scrap card 1
  • Vellum 2 3/8″ x 1 5/8″ (behind the window on card 1)
  • Misc:
  • Basic Rhinestones
  • Matte Black Dots
  • Dimensionals
  • MultiPurpose Liquid Glue

Again, all the product is listed above, but you can also see them in picture form below! Click on any of them to be taken to My OnLine Store! For purchases that qualify ($35 or more) you will get the class packet of the week (you will have a class packet for the 6 days following that video), so if you see something you want to remake on your own, place a Qualifying order and you will get that packet PLUS a PDF of 16 projects with pictures and step by step instruction! Here is a sneak peek of the PDF:

NEXT month you will get a different pdf!

Of course I always have a Pillow Gift to give you on top of the PDF and class packet! What am I giving away this week? Here ya go!

Your Pillow Gift for the next 6 days! YUM!!

Don’t you LOVE this Bundle?! The stunning Welcoming window set is so much fun to play with! I keep looking at card 1 and am so tickled that it is so pretty! And card 2 is a little out of my comfort zone, it has less layers, but I love it too! LOL I am challenged when it comes to doing things simply.

If you missed my announcement about my Stampin’ Bestie Club, be sure and check it out, you will LOVE it!!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to ‘see’ you while doing my live videos! See you next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Donkey Fancy Fold

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I posted a Live YouTube video doing a Fancy Fold using the Darling Donkey stamp set! You can get this set FREE with a $50 purchase! Love, Love, Love this set!! I have been using it a lot ’cause I love it so much! If you missed my last Live you can catch it here! Also, I did a Blog post and that can be found here!

Free Donkey set Fancy Fold!

Of course I did a SECOND card for my Mini Class! And I also used the Free Donkey set!

Free Donkey stamp set on Memories & More gift card

First off, I wanted to tell you that I also used, along with the Donkey, the dies from the Bundle Ride the Range. I will be using this bundle for my next YouTube Live on Thursday January 14th! I hope you can join me. Also, I used some Free Designer Series Paper that comes in the Sale-a-Bration catalog as a bundle itself called Berry Blessings Stamp set + Berry Delightful Stamp set.

Secondly, as usual I am providing all the details needed to make BOTH projects:

  • Stamp sets:
  • Darling Donkeys
  • Many Messages
  • Inks:
  • Memento Black
  • Garden Green
  • Granny Apple Green
  • Blends:
  • Soft Suede
  • Smoky Slate
  • Color Lifter
  • Paper:
  • Basic Black: 12″ x 5 1/2″ (base), 5 1/2″ x 2 18″ (for panels) For Base you will lay it on your cutter/trimmer portrait and place the edge along the 3/4″ line and cut from the 1″ to 5″, pick up cutter and cut from 7″ to 11″, repeat for other side. Then place on trimmer Landscape and you will SCORE only on the outside edge (between the cut and edge), score on 1″, 5″, 7″ & 11″. Keep in Landscape and score ALL THE WAY across on 2″, 4″ 8″ & 10″. You will fold them on the outside edges mountain, valley, mountain valley (this is the same on both sides working towards the middle) Do both top and bottom. Inside flap gets folded mountain, valley, valley, mountain.
  • Granny Apple Green: 3 7/8″ sq. (back panel), 8″ x 3 7/8″ for middle scene, 5/8″ x 7/8″ (x8) for bottom and top small edges, 4 1/8″ x 3 1/8″ (for gift card)
  • Berry Delightful Designer Series Paper: cut 4″ x 5 3/8″ (turn and cut @ 2″ in half so they will line up), 4″ x 5 3/8″ for front panels when card is closed. 5/8″ x 1 7/8″ for adding to the tip and bottom small panels. And 4 1/4″ x 2″ for envelope flap
  • Memories & More Cards & Envelopes: I used a gift card/Envelope for small Donkey card.
  • White: 4″ x 3″ inside the Gift card
  • Misc:
  • Open Range Dies
  • Many Messages Dies
  • Layering Circle Dies
  • Stitched Shapes Dies (for sentiment donkey is kicking)
  • Holiday Rhinestones
  • Liquid Glue
  • Paper Trimmer

As you already know if you follow me and my blog, all the supplies will be listed below, click on any of the pictures and you will be taken to my OnLine Store! For any purchase of $35 or more you will receive from me the class packet for the class I am detailing today, which will include all the cardstock, die cuts (not the sentiments since that is not allowed per SU!) but I can send you the one die cut for the sentiment that the donkey is kicking since that is stamped with the stamp set and not the Many Messages. Also, you will get the Rhinestones and I will pre cut/score for the main card and die cut the circle for the gift card! The one thing I can not do is stamp anything.

BUT the great thing is it’s Sale-a-Bration now and you can get MORE than you would normally! Spend $50 and you can pick out that CUTE Darling Donkey set for FREE! This is while supplies last, so don’t wait! Furthermore, you will get the 16 project ideas in a PDF that has step by step instructions and pictures….hint, my Home decor item is what I made!! So you will have the measurements for that too!

Thank you for all your support! I so appreciate you joining me on my Live classes and for those who can’t watch live I appreciate you watching it later!

If you are in need of a catalog, let me know and I will get one right out to you!

Love ya!

Lisa Tedder
Formerly a CA girl now living in North Carolina

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