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TWO Techniques for Easter!

Hey Guys, I have TWO Techniques for Easter cards today! With my name being Easterday, I HAVE to make some Easter cards! These are fun ones too! Both are ones that I have been waiting to try but thought they were too hard! Of course I gave it a try and they are so much EASIER than I thought. Equally important is that I get to show YOU how to make them! If you want to watch, click here to see the video!

TWO Techniques for Easter!

TWO Techniques for Easter! This is the Faux Fractured.
TWO Techniques for Easter!
TWO Techniques for Easter!
TWO Techniques for Easter!
TWO Techniques for Easter!

My BEST deal, and it’s NOT joining SU!

Certainly you love deals as much as I do! Did you know that for $40 you can get $22 – $23 worth of product: DSP, Ribbon & embellishments?! Besides the product you will get to learn EVERY month new Techniques using the product you receive! Plus a PDF with 6 cards, step by step instruction & a Gift you will LOVE and look forward to! Also you will get all 6 cards supplies packaged so you can make them too, I do all the die cutting! Each month you can make 6 WOW cards! Click here to sign up!

I owe YOU!

Of course I always say this, but I REALLY mean it! I appreciate you, and I owe you a Thank you! You could be ANYWHERE but if you are reading this, you are here supporting my small business! After all, I am one of those people who think that my stuff isn’t good enough. Why do we always discount ourselves!? At the present time I am trying very hard to think positive and know that what I do matters! Lastly, I would love to hear from you, especially if you make any cards from what I’ve taught you! Pictures are always welcome!

I’ve shared with you today TWO Techniques for Easter. I hope you have a Happy Easterday! 🙂

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Beautiful AND Useful!

Hey Guys, Beautiful AND Useful! Make a Tissue Holder to match your Decor! As most of you know if you have been tuning in, I LOVE Gray! To be sure, Gray and Silver are stunning together. And, have you seen the New Embossing Folder?! This folder is called Layered Florals 3D and it is Gorgeous! Today is Thursday, I am doing a pre-recorded video which you can catch here. Of course, I would love it if you would watch, comment and Share! Also, if you could subscribe to my YouTube Channel I would be FOREVER grateful! For 3 years now I’ve been trying to get my subscribers past the 2000 point. With your help I know it can happen soon!

Beautiful AND Useful!

Beautiful AND Useful!

One thing that would make this even prettier is to emboss the flowers with Silver Embossing Powder. I didn’t do that, but I DO think it would add to the extreme beauty! Don’t you think this will make a great gift to someone!? Conversely, I now have 3 but I have 4 bathrooms! Indeed, I will need to make one more!

Did you know you can get FREE Pdf’s?

That’s right! For everyone who signs up for my Newsletter (here on my blog) you will forever more (well until I retire) get the project PDF’s that I make on YouTube! Whenever I get about 4 projects done, that’s when I send it out! Who can say Happy Mail!!

Now that we have talked about Beautiful AND Useful, we can move on to it being Sale-a-Bration time!! After all, who doesn’t love free things!? And now you can choose from these!

But wait there’s more!! As I have noted before you can join & get a discount with a great deal. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how to maximize your investment, click here and scroll down.

See you next week!

Thank you so much for coming by to visit! My hope is that you learned something and will tell your friends! As always I appreciate you, see you next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Sunflowers made easy!

Hey Guys, Today I’m showing Sunflowers made easy! Because I don’t use Masks very often I thought maybe you don’t either. Undeniably Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers, so when I saw these Masks and how pretty the flowers are, I had to get it! Certainly, if by chance you missed my video showing how easy and fun it is, click here to see it! Surely you know that I give away my cards to those watching Live (in a drawing, of course)!

Sunflowers made easy AND Houndstooth

Sunflowers made easy
Sunflowers made easy as well as Houndstooth!
Sunflowers made easy, So Pretty!!
Sunflowers made easy

So I showed you Sunflowers made easy, I didn’t mention that the masks also have Houndstooth! Indeed doing the flap on the envelope with Houndstooth is really pretty!! Of course, let me know what you think!

Are you ready for Christmas? Early Bird Special!

What? Christmas already?! Well, I’m not quite ready for Christmas but I can help you make your Christmas cards AND have fun visiting, crafting and meeting new Friends! Every year I have Christmas card classes and it’s all day where we listen to Christmas music, craft, eat, laugh and generally have a ton of fun! I also suggest if you can’t make it live, you can get the fixin’s (I’ve lived in the South too long!) for the cards sent to you at your door! Another way you can be ready for Christmas is to buy the PDF’s all by themselves. Of course, If you are interested click here to see how! I have an Early Bird price so don’t wait, it expires September 1st. However, If you have seen the cards I have made, you know that these will WOW your family and friends!

Thank you so much!

Basically, I always tell you how much I appreciate you and I hope you believe me! Surely you know that I know that you can be anywhere, visiting any other site, but you chose mine! Of course that makes me happy and thankful! Especially, the fact that you are reading this tells me that you value what I bring to the crating world! I especially appreciate that you keep coming back! Particularly important, next week, I will be in Vegas for a SU! function, so I won’t be posting, but I’ll only be gone a week! So, stay tuned!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Light up card the Easy Way!

Plus another fun card using Lighting the Way by SU!

Hey Guys, making a Light up Card isn’t always easy, but I’m going to show you the easy way! If you want to watch my video so you can see how it’s done, click here! As always I walk you through making a handmade card, but this time it is interactive! When you push on the sentiment, the Lantern lights up! Fun!

Light up card the EASY way!

Light up card the easy way, watch the video to see it in action!
inside for light up card
This may not be a light up card the easy way, but it is so pretty!!
inside of 2nd card

Get 15% off ALL stamps in the BIG Catalog, today only!!

Of course I love a sale, who doesn’t!? Today only there is a sale on ALL stamps (no dies) so be sure to click on this link to go to my OnLine Store and get your deal! Moreover you will also get from me the PDF for this month that is exclusively for those who purchase $35 or more! I love giving people things, it is my Love Language. So, please take me up on being able to give you this exclusive PDF with 16 projects!!

Not only do I like Light Up Cards, especially when it’s done the easy way. Also I love creating in general! Not sure I share this enough but I NEVER thought I had a creative bone in my body. It wasn’t until I met Stampin’ Up! that I discovered that I am artistic! My goal for you is to share how easy stamping is and hopefully you can also learn it’s not as hard as either of us had thought!

I’m off to see my grandkids!

As I told you before a couple of weeks ago I went to CA to visit my family. My daughter let us bring back my grandson without his parents, and it went so great!! Now, I am going to DC to meet up with my other daughter and my other two grandkids! Don’t you love Summer!? Overall, I am excited that I got to see ALL my kids AND grandkids!

My hope is that you love this post and that you will share it and my video with your friends, but mostly I would love for you to try your hand at making a Light up card the easy way!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Fun & Funny Stamping

Featuring Beautiful Balloons and Hey Chuck

Hey Guys, Fun & Funny Stamping is right up my Alley!! Of course I love to laugh (who doesn’t!?), so I made one of the cards super funny (at least to me). Every day I look in the mirror I SEE that I love to laugh! If you would like to join me on my Live and watch these cards being made, click here! As can be seen in this card Fun & Funny Stamping is the best!

Fun & Funny stamping, I used Wonderful Thoughts to make this funny.

Fun & Funny stamping – THIS is my FUN card

Who doesn’t love Frills!? The dies for this Balloon stamp set has Frills! Definitely, I wanted to show how you could look at the catalog and use the images to make something. Especially since the Stampin’ Up! catalog is FULL of ideas! Moreover I used the design for this card from the catalog, BUT the card in the catalog was a Slim Line card. So, I decided to use the design but make it different, so I could be me.

This is the FUN part of 'Fun & Funny stamping'

New Catalog is Now out!!

Surely, you know if you follow Stampin’ Up! at all that our new Catalog is now out! Of course as soon as I saw the Hey Chuck set I HAD to get it! Then I saw the Balloon set and when you put the Dies together with the set, it’s perfect! IF you like the Hey Chuck set and want to get a PDF of 16 card projects using NEW sets click here! Furthermore I added my Host code to that link, so you could get BOTH the stamp bundle and the PDF!


At this point, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say! Of course I am going to tell you that I appreciate you coming here and reading my post! The fact that you are here makes me so excited that you like what you see/read! Please come back next week when I will be having another video to share! YOU are the reason I do what I do, thank you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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I love Campology!

Hey guys, Campology is one of my favorites and it’s Retiring…What. Eventually, new favorites will be found. Nevertheless, be sure and get this set before it’s gone! for my cards today I already had it planned and then saw it was retiring. However, I’ve gotten to look at the NEW Catalog and I KNOW I will have new favorites!

Basically to get this set, click here and you will be taken right there! Of course for my video today I will be using this stamp set, BUT I am also making a Light Up card! Undeniably I love the lantern a lot and the fact I can make it light up is so much fun! Indeed, my videos are every Thursday, I do a live every other week and a recorded one every other week. For one thing I need to have certain days where I can do it ahead of time. Hence the reason I do a Live every other week. Of course, Hope you can join me!

Retiring…What!? Campology cards

Retiring...What!? Doesn't it look like both images are shining!?

Get the PDF’s for FREE!

Of course you read that right! It’s so easy to get these PDF’s and more each week! After all, I am making them might as well give them away! Overall, how do you get them, simple! Sign up for my Newsletter and each week I do videos you will receive the PDF’s for them as long as you are on my Newsletter list! Easy Peasy! For this purpose the sign up is on my Blogs sidebar!

Do you like to belong to a Community?

As a matter of fact, I LOVE being included in things. Moreover, once I joined Stampin’ Up! and went to their gatherings, I felt like I belonged! Not only do I have fun seeing/purchasing things earlier than others, but the friends I have made when I joined are the Best! Of course the positive things I get are the reason I’ve been a Demonstrator since 2003! Not surprisingly, imagining NOT being a part of the SU! community makes me sad, so I’ve decided I’m not leaving! Ha! Subsequently If you would like to join, I would LOVE it if you would join under me, click here to sign up! So, Retiring…What!? definitely doesn’t apply to me!


Emphatically I would like you to know how much I appreciate you taking time out of your day and spending it with me! All in all, If you are ever free on a Thursday at 4:00 (eastern) come visit me on YouTube, where I have HUNDREDS of videos! Overall it’s one of my favorite things to talk with you! Thank you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Floating Gate Fold

Playing in the Rain

Hey Guys, today I’m introducing the Floating Gate Fold using Playing in the Rain stamp set from Stampin’ Up! Of course, you have realized that I like fancy folds, but did you know that animals are a BIG deal to me? When I was young I was not close to ANYONE in my family and our pets are what brought me love. Today, I am close with my immediate family, but I still love hanging out with my animals! However, I’m sure you’ve seen my cat come say hi on my Lives! 🙂 So, if you would like to see the Floating Gate Fold made, click here to be taken to my YouTube video!

Floating Gate Fold card

Floating Gate fold closed
Floating Gate Fold card inside. LOVE this card!!

Get the PDF for this (& more) for FREE!

After all, who doesn’t love giving things away, and pdf’s are one of mine. If you sign up for my Newsletter (click on the box to the right), I will not only send you THIS pdf but I will also send you ones that I am doing from here on out! Consequently I send them out each week that I do a video! Similarly in the PDF I send out things that are happening that week in my world of stamping! As can be seen, I would love it if you would tell me things/stamps you would like to see here. Of course I will try my best to do it!

5 days left!

Certainly you like free things, I know I do! Nevertheless, Sale-a-Bration has only until the end of February which means you only have 5 Days Left!! Did you know that SU! ADDED more things that you can pick from?! Look at my charts below to see what you can get….but don’t wait more than 5 days!! When you place an order can you please use this link: https://www.stampinup.com?hostcode=TSRWDKAP



Because I love to hear from you, I would love it if you would leave me a comment here, or join me on one of my Lives on YouTube. Also, I would REALLY love it if you joined me on one of my Lives on my YouTube Channel, I have HUNDREDS of videos with awesome projects! So, thank you for spending time with me!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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My favorite set

Just in case….

Hey Guys, My favorite set, or one of them is Forever Fern. Worrying that it was going to retire in the next few months, I felt the need to play with it! There is a YouTube video where this card is being made click here to see it. And don’t forget that if you signup for my Newsletter you get to have my PDF’s as I make them for all my designs for Free!! Why do I call Forever Fern my favorite set? Because every time I make a card with it, I am amazed that no matter what color I stamp it with it is always stunning.

My favorite set = Forever Fern

My favorite set

NEW Free Product!

Sale a Bration is over half way over for this year. Stampin’ Up! wanted to be sure that there was plenty we could pick at the beginning, but now they have added more!!


So, I bet there is a LOT here that you would like to get. Don’t wait, Sale a Bration ends in 2 1/2 weeks at the end of February!! I would love it if you would choose me as your Demo, I’ve been one since 2003! Also, if you purchases $35 or more you will also get a PDF with 16 projects that have step by step instructions along with Pictures!

Join while you still can & get a Bonus!!

Overall, joining SU! is a great deal, but if you join during SAB you also get to spend MORE money at the same cost!! Of course everyone loves a deal, so be sure and check out this one, you are running out of time! Every month my Team Lets Stamp! gets together and and makes projects, it’s either by Zoom or in person. Also, each month I buy one of my team members a stamp set of their choosing, the only thing I ask is that they make cards with the set and share with us! Easy, right! Who doesn’t like FREE!? Choose me as your Team Leader and I would be so honored!!

Finishing Up

Thank you so much for coming, hopefully you found things you like! Please leave me a comment and sign up to get notifications when I post. Don’t forget to sign up for my Newsletter so you too can get a Free PDF!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Techniques & Fancy Folds!

Problem Solved!

Hey Guys!, today I have Techniques & Fancy Folds along with Solving problems! Have you ever tried to color something you already Embossed with Powders? For some reason the Blends don’t work with them. Of course, I still want to use my embossing powders and use Blends, so with my Stamparatus I have brought the two together perfectly! You can watch my video where I walk you through the steps.

Techniques, do you like them?

You may remember that I used to have a channel where every Tuesday I would do Two techniques. I called it Twosday’s Techniques and I posted on Vimeo (you can still find them there!). Well, I love techniques because using them gives more life to your stamping supplies. Anything that lets me come up with cool cards/scrapbook pages is in my wheel house. For todays video I am showing how to use two products that are like oil and water, but teaching you how to use them together.

Fancy Folds yay or nay?

I would love to know if you like Fancy Folds? Obviously I like them, but I don’t want to do them as often if YOU don’t! Sometimes I get bored with the cards folded the regular way, there is only so many ways you can change it up. After all there is landscape and portrait, that’s pretty much it! Of course the challenge is whether it fits in our envelopes, If I find a fancy fold that won’t fit in our envelopes, I tend to stear clear. What do you think? I’d love to know what you like.

Techniques & Fancy Folds!

Techniques & Fancy folds, of course this is a fancy fold!
Techniques & Fancy Folds, this is the technique card!

These cards are very fun to make, the first one I got the fold from Sue Campfield, and the other one I saw on Pinterest, both I designed myself, hope you love them as much as I do! Techniques & Fancy Folds are my jam!

You can get BOTH PDF’s by signing up for my Newsletter (upper right of post), each time I do a pdf I send it to my Newsletter people. Get ready to get a bunch of ideas!!

Last chance!

This year seems to be speeding by once again. You only have one month left to get your Sale-a-Bration free stamps! Spend $50 and you can pick out from this one or others! Click on the link and you will be in my store, you can see all the items for SAB by clicking on the specials tab. IF you spend enough to get a Free SAB item, you also spent enough to get my PDF with 16 projects with pictures and step by step instructions! DOUBLE Sale!!

Also I want to let you know if you decide to join (hopefully under me!) you have three choices:

Starter kit offer!!  Great Deal!
You will love my Team Lets Stamp! We have a lot of fun and I send out 1 free stamp set every month!

Sorry I was gone for a month

Some of you already know this but I went to DisneyWorld with my family last month! We spent 8 days with all my grandkids and all three of my daughters with 2 of their significant others. Every day was full of waking up before dawn, opening the park (rope drop anyone!?) and then trying to get all our rides that we ‘had to’ ride before it got too busy. Can I tell you that the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is so awesome! I have a bad neck due to my accident when I broke my C2 vertebrae, so most roller coasters I worry will exacerbate my condition, but the Guardians ride was so smooth and fun! If they let us I’m sure we would have got right back in line!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also spent 4 days at Universal Studios, also opening the park! Let’s just say we left our ‘vacation’ more tired than we started! 🙂 All of us have decided that NEXT time, Universal will only be 1-2 days and being a Disney Family we still HAVE to spend a day at each park. BUT we will add in rest days so we can recoup and enjoy the resort.

Anyone here a Disney Fan? I moved to CA in 1969, grew up going to Disney. Then we moved all around the states and once we moved to NC we figured we could still be a Disney Family, but this time it would be Disney World. I LOVE Disney and feel my happiest when I am there, you?

That’s it for today!

I hope you enjoyed your visit! Please come back next week for my next round of cards/video. NOT sure if I will do a Live on YouTube or just upload a video. All depends on my time and schedule! Thank you so much for coming, I really appreciate you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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I surprised myself!

New to me!

Hey Guys, I surprised myself with my cards today! I was playing around and kept changing up what I was doing when all of a sudden I had something new to me! If you want to see how I made them click here for my YouTube Live! With around 400+ videos there’s something for everyone, subscribe to my YouTube channel to let me know you like what you see! Of course, I’ve been doing weekly videos for almost 2 years and have hundreds of videos since 2017!

This one’s where I surprised myself!

See how I surprised myself!?

Card 2 was so much fun!!

This is just too stinkin' Cute!!
Inspired by Annette Elias from Netherlands

Can you see how I surprised myself?

Normally when I stamp I get ideas online (which I did with my 2nd card), but seriously the first card really morphed into this beauty, after Many tries! Don’t you LOVE when that happens?! Especially I love how the Designer Series Paper (DSP) looks like it is one piece. Also that the Parakeet Party is STUNNING with the Gold Shimmer Specialty paper is behind it! Of course, I apologize for using the Retired DSP from SAB Ring of Love, but it is so pretty and if anyone purchases $35 before my next video (10/13/22) I will send you the fixin’s for both cards including the DSP!!

A Sweet Deal just got SWEETER!

During the month of October, Stampin’ Up! is having a joining special! Usually the starter kit is perfect just the way it is, but this time they have upped the amount you get to spend!! For $99 you get to pick out $155 worth of product PLUS get catalogs, a paper pumpkin and ordering forms! Of course, you don’t have to sell to anyone else, I played with my friends and bought what I wanted to keep me happy. Laughingly I NEVER thought that I would STILL be playing with the product AND getting a Discount 19 years later! I have got to tell you, joining SU! was the BEST decision I’ve made (other than having kids and marrying my awesome hubby!)

Undoubtedly you would enjoy being a part of my team where we get together monthly and stamp together! We also get prizes and laugh together! If you are interested in Making the most from your investment please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info!


Of course I want to thank you for being here! YOU are the reason I keep going! I get so tickled when I see my friends learn something new! Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see! Until next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California Girl living in North Carolina

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