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Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Products!

Hey Guys, I’ve got a Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Products! In the hope that you will love to see upcoming product from Stampin’ Up!, I figured that I would share! To that end, it’s Thursday and I will be doing a Live YouTube video today at 4:00 eastern. Besides showing you new things, I am offering the cards I make today to those who watch Live! Every Thursday I do a video and I LOVE to talk to you! If you missed the video, click here.

Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Product!

Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Product! This one is Fluffiest Friends

Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Product! This is also from Fluffiest Friends.
Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Product! This one uses the NEW DSP called Meandering Meadows.

Become a Happy Stamper!

As I’ve told you last time, SU! is having a joining special that is the best one so far! If you like a bargain this is for you! Especially since we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the company, so they are offering either 35% off, or 35% more! Overall this is only good until the end of the month. Unquestionably this is the best deal I’ve seen, you can (in the US you can get the kit for either $64.35 where you will be able to order $125 worth of product, OR you can get it for $99 but get $168.75 worth of product!! PLUS you will be able to join the On Stage event in November for free (worth $77!). I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how to maximize your investment! Click here to join my Team!

Thank you!

Now that I’ve given you a Sneak Peek of THREE upcoming New Products, I wanted to thank you for being here! Other than being on my Live on YouTube, I love that you come here and like what I make! Figuring that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like what I make. Everyone knows that you can be anywhere, but you chose to be here! Thank you! Hope to see you next week!!

Lisa Tedder

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Sunflowers made easy!

Hey Guys, Today I’m showing Sunflowers made easy! Because I don’t use Masks very often I thought maybe you don’t either. Undeniably Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers, so when I saw these Masks and how pretty the flowers are, I had to get it! Certainly, if by chance you missed my video showing how easy and fun it is, click here to see it! Surely you know that I give away my cards to those watching Live (in a drawing, of course)!

Sunflowers made easy AND Houndstooth

Sunflowers made easy
Sunflowers made easy as well as Houndstooth!
Sunflowers made easy, So Pretty!!
Sunflowers made easy

So I showed you Sunflowers made easy, I didn’t mention that the masks also have Houndstooth! Indeed doing the flap on the envelope with Houndstooth is really pretty!! Of course, let me know what you think!

Are you ready for Christmas? Early Bird Special!

What? Christmas already?! Well, I’m not quite ready for Christmas but I can help you make your Christmas cards AND have fun visiting, crafting and meeting new Friends! Every year I have Christmas card classes and it’s all day where we listen to Christmas music, craft, eat, laugh and generally have a ton of fun! I also suggest if you can’t make it live, you can get the fixin’s (I’ve lived in the South too long!) for the cards sent to you at your door! Another way you can be ready for Christmas is to buy the PDF’s all by themselves. Of course, If you are interested click here to see how! I have an Early Bird price so don’t wait, it expires September 1st. However, If you have seen the cards I have made, you know that these will WOW your family and friends!

Thank you so much!

Basically, I always tell you how much I appreciate you and I hope you believe me! Surely you know that I know that you can be anywhere, visiting any other site, but you chose mine! Of course that makes me happy and thankful! Especially, the fact that you are reading this tells me that you value what I bring to the crating world! I especially appreciate that you keep coming back! Particularly important, next week, I will be in Vegas for a SU! function, so I won’t be posting, but I’ll only be gone a week! So, stay tuned!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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WOW your friends with these handmade cards

Lots to impress!

Hey Guys, WOW your friends with these handmade cards, I have two for you today! If you missed the video, you can click here to watch. Did you know that every Thursday I have a video either Live or Pre-recorded? Also, if you didn’t know I give away my cards to those who comment on YouTube? There is a Random name selector that I use to pick from those who comment, will you get the next one?!!

WOW your friends with these handmade cards

Wow your friends with this handmade card
wow your friends with this handmade card
Wow your friends with this handmade card using Gold embossing powder
inside the embossed card

Want a discount EVERY time you place a SU! order?

Surely you have heard that when you join the SU! family you get a discount on all the product! But, did you know that you DON’T have to sell anything? Of course, SU! product sells itself, but all you would have to do is share/stamp with your friends. Certainly you CAN sell, but if it makes you uncomfortable, just have friends over and have a crafting day! Basically that is what I did for the first 5 years of my 0ver 20 years being with SU!

Because I don’t like to feel pushy I would have my friends come over to stamp and the product is so good that they wanted it too! Eventually you may want to do more, but you never have to! I have people in my team who have NEVER had a ‘party’! If this is something you would like, join the Tedder Bears by clicking this link!

Have you heard about my Club?

Overall, I want you to consider the BEST club you could join! As has been noted before, my club is called The Stampin’ Besties, and you get between $21-$23 worth of product like DSP, ribbon and Embellishments! But, that’s not all, you get the card packets with everything pre-cut for 6 cards! Moreover, the Holiday Mini is coming out and we will be using some of those bundles! The cost is $40 for in person, and $48 for delivery to your door! Every card is beautiful and some have techniques or fancy folds! If you would like to read more about it, click here!

Thank you!

Basically I want to thank you for spending your time with me. I hope you liked the post – WOW your friends with these handmade cards that I shared with you today! I know you have plenty of things to do and the fact you spent them with me, blows me away! Thank you!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Floating Gate Fold

Playing in the Rain

Hey Guys, today I’m introducing the Floating Gate Fold using Playing in the Rain stamp set from Stampin’ Up! Of course, you have realized that I like fancy folds, but did you know that animals are a BIG deal to me? When I was young I was not close to ANYONE in my family and our pets are what brought me love. Today, I am close with my immediate family, but I still love hanging out with my animals! However, I’m sure you’ve seen my cat come say hi on my Lives! 🙂 So, if you would like to see the Floating Gate Fold made, click here to be taken to my YouTube video!

Floating Gate Fold card

Floating Gate fold closed
Floating Gate Fold card inside. LOVE this card!!

Get the PDF for this (& more) for FREE!

After all, who doesn’t love giving things away, and pdf’s are one of mine. If you sign up for my Newsletter (click on the box to the right), I will not only send you THIS pdf but I will also send you ones that I am doing from here on out! Consequently I send them out each week that I do a video! Similarly in the PDF I send out things that are happening that week in my world of stamping! As can be seen, I would love it if you would tell me things/stamps you would like to see here. Of course I will try my best to do it!

5 days left!

Certainly you like free things, I know I do! Nevertheless, Sale-a-Bration has only until the end of February which means you only have 5 Days Left!! Did you know that SU! ADDED more things that you can pick from?! Look at my charts below to see what you can get….but don’t wait more than 5 days!! When you place an order can you please use this link: https://www.stampinup.com?hostcode=TSRWDKAP



Because I love to hear from you, I would love it if you would leave me a comment here, or join me on one of my Lives on YouTube. Also, I would REALLY love it if you joined me on one of my Lives on my YouTube Channel, I have HUNDREDS of videos with awesome projects! So, thank you for spending time with me!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Fast & Easy Card

It may be easy, but it’s gorgeous!

Hey Guys, Today I am sharing with you a Fast & Easy card! As the tag line said, It may be easy, but it’s gorgeous! Certainly, If you would like to watch me make this Fast & Easy card, click here!

  • Layers – Check
  • Embossing Folder – Check
  • Ribbon – Check
  • Stamping – Check
  • Gems – Check

Fast & Easy? You tell me!

Fast & Easy, surprise, it is!!

Want the FREE PDF?

Another key point, it’s super simple to get the Free PDF for this card, plus those I do in the future! So, What do you need to do? First thing to remember, you only need to sign up for my Newsletter! Undoubtedly You should see the sign up bar on the right side of this post! Then you will get a weekly PDF or when I do my videos and offer the Pdf, you will get it! Indeed, I Told you it was free!!

Sale a Bration almost OVER!!

Basically, I say ‘Please, don’t have it be over already!!’ I LOVE SAB, every year I get so excited to get FREE product with the order I was already getting! SU! always outdoes their selves! NOW they have even MORE for free! Yes, they are offering the usual in the SAB brochure, but they are also offering things that are in the BIG catalog!! WooHoo!!

Free SAB with any/all $50 order, you can order this Fast & Easy supplies to make this card!
Free SAB with any/all $50 order, you can order this Fast & Easy supplies to make this card!

Want to be a Discount Shopper?!

Certainly, I ask this all the time! Of course you do! When I joined in 2003, that’s why! Of course, I was going to be buying it anyway, why not share this opportunity with my friends and have fun doing it! Choosing to join my team would make me so happy – Team name: Lets Stamp! We get together virtually every month, but we also have Showbox swaps, and I buy one of my team members a brand new stamp set each month! Whereas, the only thing I ask is that they make some samples and share with the group! Emphatically, I would love for you to join under me, click here to check it out! Consequently you get to PICK which special you want!!

Last but not least

Similarly, every time I post I tell you how appreciative I am of you coming, I am not lying! I know life gets busy and there are tons to see on the internet, but the choice of coming here, makes me happy! Nevertheless, I have to go for this week. However, I plan on making something really pretty, lots of layers, fancy folds, pretty much a card you will want to pick who is special to get it!! Thanks again, come back next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Sneak Peek for FREE

SAB is almost here!

Hey Guys, today I am sharing a sneak Peek for FREE items coming out in January! Overall, this definitely will help you decide which one you want first. Nevertheless, every week, I go through what I want to show you, and this week I didn’t have to look very hard. Because the Adorable Owls set is just like it says, stinkin’ ADORABLE! Also I thought that who wants to see flowers!? But after finishing my card, it is soooo pretty I am so happy I chose it! Overall which one do you like better? To watch these cards being made, you can catch it here Live today on YouTube at 4 eastern, or you can watch it later!

Sneak Peek for FREE

Sneak Peek for Free
Inside the Adorable Owls

2nd card for Sneak Peek for FREE

Beautifully Happy
Sneak peek for free

Want FREE Pdf’s?

Of course, you can get two different PDF’s from me: One that I send out every week that corresponds with my weekly YouTube/Blog posts. The 2nd one is at the present time, one I send out that has 16 projects for those who spend $35 or more. Specifically, the latter is to reward those who order and the 1st is for everyone who subscribes to my Newsletter for free! I equally love them both, however they both rock for different reasons. Since the one with the 16 projects is done by 15 other people and myself. Undeniably anything I can get ideas for that I don’t have to come up with is awesome! And this group is full of talent!

Emphatically, I LOVE my cards, and want to share them with you! But, the easiest way is to put them into my Newsletter, all you have to do is sign up and Voila you get them each week! Besides did you know that I used to think I had NO CRAFTING talent!? It wasn’t until I got into Stampin’ Up! that I found out that it’s not as hard as I had at first thought! Forthwith let me know if you would like to learn anything, or need help in finding your Crafty MoJo.

Get in on being a Happy Shopper

Unquestionably everyone loves a DEAL! Nonetheless, SU! has a deal for you! Next month during Sale-a-Bration (SAB) you can join this awesome company and my team! As a matter of fact at Lets Stamp! (my team name) we get together, all in all every month and stamp together. Undoubtedly these women in my Team are so fun to hang out with! YOU would fit right in! Click here to join! Subsequently SU! every year during SAB has a great joining offer! This one is a beauty! You can get a FREE Stampin’ Mini Cut & Emboss machine in BOHO Blue or in the regular White along with spending $175 for only $129! OR you can get $175 to spend and not get the machine but the cost is only $99!! I know which one I would pick!


I would finally like to thank you for stopping by! It means a lot to me knowing you spent your time with me! I honestly hope that you have enjoyed my projects! I hope to see you here again next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former CA girl living in North Carolina

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Fancy Fold Baby Card

Hey Guys, Peek-a-Boo cards are fun to make I hope you join me thus and see how easy they can be! If you would like to see it made surely check out my Live YouTube Video now! It’s called Peek-a-Boo because when you open the card a surprise message appears! My niece is having a baby I plan on sending this in order that she knows I’m happy for her!

Peek-a-Boo card

Peek-a-Boo!  When you open this card a surprise text appears!
Isn’t the Elephant too cute!?

Friends Forever

May not be a peek-a-Boo but it is sooo cute!!
Friends Forever


Both of these cards of course use the Stamp set from SU! called Elephant Parade. I especially love the Peek-a-Boo card, but the other one makes me smile! I love the idea certainly of an elephant leaving peanuts (his favorite snack by the way) to his best friend! Of course my favorite snack is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, I’ll share too!

Are you a Happy Shopper?

As I’ve said in the past, I especially LOVE being a Demo with SU! But, did you know you can join and NOT do any classes? Or, you can join and just get that happy discount for something that certainly makes you happy! The reason I joined almost 19 years ago in brief is I wanted the discount! I stamped with my friends and ended up on the whole, making new ones! Basically who doesn’t love a discount!? Let me know if you of course want to hear more!

One other thing

IF you shop with me, you will in truth get a hand made card from me. But you will also get a PDF of 16 cards/projects in this situation you will love! Of course you must buy at least $35 to get it, which realistically is super easy! In any case I can do that in my sleep! I so appreciate your support and of course want to Thank you!


Lastly I want to thank you for being here on my Blog. Of course my hope is you will love what I share that in fact you will want to return! Also, if you come to one of my Live’s on YouTube you can possibly win one of my cards! I pick two people during my Live who’re chatting with me to mail a card I made that day! My hope is in this case you will want to return! I’m off next week, but I hope to see you the following Thursday!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Heron Habitat is all that

And much more, who doesn’t love cattails!?

Hey Guys!, Heron Habitat is all that and more! As you have seen I love birds but this stamp set also has really cool dies AND it has cattails! I grew up visiting a lake and I saw all kinds of birds but my favorite was the cattails! When I saw this stamp set from Stampin’ Up! of course I knew I must get it! If you are a lover of all things water/birds then hopefully you will want to see my Live on YouTube where I made these two cards! Undoubtedly you will notice that I have pictures AND a PDF for you below, certainly you will want to check out my other projects either here or on my YouTube channel. Notwithstanding my weekly Live videos I also have a lot of tutorials on there!

Heron Habitat IS all that!

Hereon habitat is all that and More!
Heron Habitat is all that & More!
Heron Habitat is all that
All that & more!

Are you a Discount Shopper?

Basically everyone loves to get a deal! Of course I wanted a deal when I found Stampin’ Up! Instead of paying full price for things that I wanted I decided to become a ‘Demo’ and get it at a discount! This was surprisingly 19 years ago! Basically I had no idea I would STILL be loving every minute and I still get excited when there is a new catalog coming out! If undoubtedly you are the same my hope is that you will decide to join my Team: Lets Stamp!, where you too can surely be a Discount Shopper!

There’s another way to get a deal!

If joining isn’t for you, nevertheless there is still a way to get a deal! Every month I along with 15 other Demo’s come up with a project that we all put together so we can give it to YOU when you shop with us. Therefore, you only need spend $35 to get this great PDF! After all, That’s 16 projects WITH pictures and step by step instructions! Every month I am equally excited to see the projects! Here is a sneak Peek of what you can get as can be seen by shopping with me in the month of June!


Finally I would like to let you know how much I appreciate you coming to my blog to visit! Please leave a comment after all I love to see what you think! Of course I would love it if you would visit me while I am doing my Live on YouTube also! It’s so much fun to be able to really talk to you! Most important for me is that you enjoy what I am decidedly making! Each week the most compelling evidence is that I have fun and in the same fashion you do too! To emphasize, who knew I would be doing this 19 years later!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Paper Pumpkin April Alternatives

Fancy Fold, Cuteness & Sponging!

Hey Guys!, I’m making Paper Pumpkin April Alternatives 2022 from my kit today! You can watch it here! As always, the kit has really great images to stamp but I’m super excited for the sentiments in this one! As I’ve told you before, my daughter is graduating from College in just a few weeks! The sentiments in this kit are unquestionably perfect for someone about to start something new!

This kit is perfect for graduating, having a baby, getting married you name it! I love making alternatives for Paper Pumpkin and this April kit was so perfect that I thought I should leave it as is! Of course I DID come up with a few alternatives and I’m thrilled with how they came out! Be that as it may, I got help from Rachel Tessman on ONE of my cards, I only changed a few things! Thank you Rachel! Get your Paper Pumpkin Subscription here!

Paper Pumpkin Alternative #1

Paper Pumpkin Alternative for April 2022
I LOVE the sentiments!

Paper Pumpkin April Alternative card #2

Paper Pumpkin Alternative card #2
Beautiful things DO take time! But this card didn’t!

Paper Pumpkin April Alternatives Card #3

Paper Pumpkin Alternative with a tealight!

Every Thursday

Well, almost every Thursday I have a YouTube Live stamp class! I also give away my cards for those who watch live and comment! My hope is that you will come at some point so I can after that of course send you one!

Become a Discount Shopper!

For those who enjoy getting a bargain, let me tell you how you can become a similarly happy Discount Shopper! If you are like me and LOVE Stampin’ Up! and creating, you will especially LOVE that you can join with no strings attached! As soon as you join, of course you will get 20% off! For instance, I was buying a lot of SU! on my own, and figured I wanted to get it at a discount! So, I joined almost 19 years ago, and undoubtedly haven’t looked back!

Also, if you join my Team of Lets Stamp! (Lisa Easterday Tedder Stamp) you not only get the discount, for instance but you also get to attend my Monthly team meetings where we stamp together! Moreover, my team has Swaps where we each send a card to the other team members! Meanwhile we also get together for Stampin’ Up! Conventions! I would love it if you would join us! Click here to sign up!


Finally, I hope you have enjoyed your visit here! I of course love Paper Pumpkin and making the Paper Pumpkin April Alternatives was so much fun! My hope is that you learned something and equally important will want to come back. I hope to see you when I am doing my YouTube Lives on my Channel! Of course, I have a lot of other videos on there besides doing Paper Pumpkin. I particularly love techniques and fancy folds! I hope you let me know if you find something on there you love!

Lisa Tedder
A Former California girl living in North Carolina

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Copy REAL Picture

Beach scene Google Pics recreated with stamps!

Hey Guys, of course today I am going to show you how to copy a REAL picture using stamps! Earlier on Google I saw a picture of a beach with palms and the ocean.

I'm going to copy this REAL picture using stamps!
Google Pic I’m copying

Copy a REAL picture!

Moreover, after seeing my card the only thing I am missing is the clouds! However everything else I included. Finally below you will see the card I made plus be able to get this stamp Bundle at a DISCOUNT, but only for a limited time! Also, I am offering a free PDF to anyone who stops by and reads this post. To start with, I wanted to make a Beach Scene using this stamp set (Paradise Palms), but didn’t know what to make. Earlier, I googled Beach scenes and the above picture jumped out at me. Correspondingly the Pdf below will step you through my process, but you can indeed also see me make it here.

My copy of REAL picture!

I copied a REAL picture with Stamps from SU!
I hope you love it as much as I do!

Card 2

However for my 2nd card, I wanted to highlight the Dies in the set. Indeed, I am not going to copy a REAL picture this time! Basically, I found a card on Pinterest from Tina Wardell, that inspired me. Evidently, when using the Blending Brushes, I chose three SU! colors that I thought looked like a night sky falling. Moreover, I Divided the space into 3 so I could make the Palm tree pop, check out my Pdf to see how or again watch my video.

NOT copied from a REAL picture
Little Paradise

As I said earlier, get this Bundle (stamp set & Dies) at a 10% discount, if you purchase before June! It won’t be discounted once the new Catalog comes out. Equally, If you decide that you’d like to buy them, I would love it if you would make me your Demonstrator! In short, if you buy $35 or more from my OnLine Store you will also get a PDF from me containing 16 projects with step by step instructions along with color photos of the projects! Therefore, here is a sneak peek!

All these projects on a pdf with a Qualifying order!
Get this PDF with a Qualifying order of $35 or more!

Wrapping it up!

Again thank you for stopping by. of course, if there is anything you would like me to use or a technique you’d like to see, leave me a message and I’ll do my best! Indeed, I love a challenge! Otherwise I will try and think of what you would like! Surely you won’t mind letting me know what you would like to see! Especially, I love to get feedback! Another key point is I love to learn!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Supplies used, click to be taken to my online store.

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