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TWO Techniques for Easter!

Hey Guys, I have TWO Techniques for Easter cards today! With my name being Easterday, I HAVE to make some Easter cards! These are fun ones too! Both are ones that I have been waiting to try but thought they were too hard! Of course I gave it a try and they are so much EASIER than I thought. Equally important is that I get to show YOU how to make them! If you want to watch, click here to see the video!

TWO Techniques for Easter!

TWO Techniques for Easter! This is the Faux Fractured.
TWO Techniques for Easter!
TWO Techniques for Easter!
TWO Techniques for Easter!
TWO Techniques for Easter!

My BEST deal, and it’s NOT joining SU!

Certainly you love deals as much as I do! Did you know that for $40 you can get $22 – $23 worth of product: DSP, Ribbon & embellishments?! Besides the product you will get to learn EVERY month new Techniques using the product you receive! Plus a PDF with 6 cards, step by step instruction & a Gift you will LOVE and look forward to! Also you will get all 6 cards supplies packaged so you can make them too, I do all the die cutting! Each month you can make 6 WOW cards! Click here to sign up!

I owe YOU!

Of course I always say this, but I REALLY mean it! I appreciate you, and I owe you a Thank you! You could be ANYWHERE but if you are reading this, you are here supporting my small business! After all, I am one of those people who think that my stuff isn’t good enough. Why do we always discount ourselves!? At the present time I am trying very hard to think positive and know that what I do matters! Lastly, I would love to hear from you, especially if you make any cards from what I’ve taught you! Pictures are always welcome!

I’ve shared with you today TWO Techniques for Easter. I hope you have a Happy Easterday! 🙂

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Stamping Technique!

Hey Guys, a Stamping Technique is the theme for today! Of course I stamp almost every day, but I haven’t done Emboss Resist in YEARS! Even though I’ve done it before I had to look it up since it’s been so long! If you would like to join me in my Live and possibly get one of the cards click here for the video! But, did you know if you join Live on YouTube you can be in the drawing for getting one of the cards I make delivered to you!?

Stamping Technique=Emboss Resist!

Stamping Technique!
Stamping Technique inside
Stamping Technique=scene
Stamping Techniques=scenery

Did You Know?

In brief, a Stamping Technique is not the only thing you can do. Did you know that both cards use product that are from Sale-a-Bration? What does that mean? It means that for money you are already spending on product from SU! you can get these sets for FREE! Of course there is a qualifying purchase to get them, but who doesn’t love free things!? For this reason be sure and check out what goodies you can get! Another great thing about SAB is that you can also join and get either the Glass Mat or extra $$ when you join! Click here to join my Team and become a Tedder Bear! Of course I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how you can maximize your investment and get a discount!

Do you have a New Years’ resolution?

Funny thing, I don’t usually have a resolution, but this year I decided that I am sharing my history with my kids. 2 years ago on Christmas my Daughter bought me a StoryWorth subscription where she picked out questions and I answer them. Of course, this is not stamping relevant, but thought it interesting enough to share with you! In short, I only did 9 stories in the entire year, so this year I am dedicating every Friday to tell 1 story!! Wish me luck that I keep it up, you KNOW what New Year Resolutions end up being!! 🙂

Finally enough with a Stamping Technique

Owing to the fact that I REALLY love that you visit me and support my small business, Thank you! In short, I appreciate that you take time out of your schedule to visit me! Of course my wish is that I will make something that inspires you! Most important is that I get you excited to stamp and make memories for you and your loved ones!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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STUNNING cards using SAB!

Sale-a-Bration is here!

Hey Guys, Two Stunning cards using SAB. Of course I love Sale-a-Bration, who wouldn’t want FREE product!? In the first place I love this new Designer Paper called Flight & Airy, it is sooooo pretty! In short this DSP has flowers, vines and Birds! In similar fashion today is Thursday in the New Year, Happy New Year!!! Since it is Thursday I am doing a video making these 2 cards, if you want to catch it Live and possibly win one of the cards click here.

Stunning cards using SAB!
STUNNING cards using SAB! Learn new Techniques and how to get these for free!
STUNNING cards using SAB! Learn new Techniques and how to get these for free!
STUNNING cards using SAB! Learn new Techniques and how to get these for free!

Wait, What is SAB?

Now that I have shared STUNNING cards using SAB! In this situation, Sab is Sale-a-Bration where you can purchase product from SU! and get free items! Every year we have SAB and every year it is so much fun to get to buy what you usually would purchase but now you get Freebies! On condition that you spend $50 or $100, you get to pick from 2 lists, one is the $50 and then of course you can pick from $100 (which is usually a better deal. Of course the Bird paper – Flight & Airy is available for the $50, the stamp set AND the folder I use is in the $100 part of SAB.

But wait there’s more!! If you join SU! this month or next month, you can get another awesome tool!

Get this for joining!

Of course, The Stampin’ Glass Mat Studio is a paper crafter’s dream! The heavy-duty glass mat comes printed with a ruler and grid lines for easy measuring, while the large surface space gives ample room for spreading out while paper crafting. Then the safety-tempered glass has a heat and scratch resistant surface that wipes clean with the included cloth and water—no chemicals needed. The reusable cloth also cleans ink off your stamps! The nonslip, heat resistant, waterproof silicone mat features four palette squares for mixing custom ink colors or for holding small ink spots in place while crafting. Each component can be used separately or you can use all three items together for a multipurpose paper crafting studio that’s both functional and elegant.

The Stampin’ Glass Mat Studio includes:

* 5 mm thick
* 17″ x 14″ (43.2 x 35.6 cm)
* Safety-tempered
* Heat and scratch resistant
* Wipes clean with water or alcohol

* 8-3/8″ x 6″ (21.3 x 15.2 cm)
* Multiuse, nonslip
* Waterproof, heat resistant
* 4 palette squares for custom-color mixing or holding Stampin’ Spots
* Product color: white

* 8-1/4″ x 8-1/4″ (21 x 21 cm)
* Durable, reusable
* Lint free
* Cleans stamps and other surfaces with only water
* Product color: dark gray

On the whole, customers who want to join Stampin’ Up! during Sale-A-Bration but are interested in a different join option can instead get $125 USD worth of product PLUS an additional $30 USD worth of product of their choice when they join for $99 USD. In this case that’s a $155 USD!  Click here to join my team!!

STUNNING cards using SAB and a Thank you!

Given that, what more can you ask for?! My hope is that you love what you have seen today, especially if you got to watch my Live! Of course I appreciate you reading this and visiting me! That is to say that you visiting and commenting is the only way I can tell if you like what you see! Most important for you to know is that I am here to share and hopefully inspire you to be creative!! In the meantime, thank you so much for being here and I hope to see you next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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