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Reflection Card

Using Rhino Ready

Hey Guys, I’m making a Reflection card today as well as a cool card using Heron Habitat over on YouTube! The Reflection card uses Rhino Ready the stamp set only sold OnLine. BOTH of these sets you just might want to get sooner rather than later. As far as Heron Habitat, the dies are already sold out and they aren’t coming back. Of course this means that this stamp set is retiring. As far as Rhino Ready goes, it is only available OnLine, so we don’t know how long it will be there.

Reflection card

Reflection Card. LOVE how they look so happy!

I used a Wite Out pen!

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Another key point is that I also offer another PDF with 16 projects! By comparison of my tiny PDF’s with only one project each one, this one has the same step by step instructions along with color photo’s, only this one has 16! How do you get it, you ask…you only need purchase $35 worth of product from me in My Online Store! As shown below, here is a sneak peek:

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Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Stamps & Dies Unconventionally

Rhino Ready done creatively

Hey guys, today I am using stamps & dies unconventionally by making the dies/stamps creatively. Of course my brain went somewhere different! When I saw the dies, the trunk reminded me of Lightning. So, I HAD to try and see what I came up with! Now, that’s just one card, the other has the Rhino from the Rhino Ready stamp set hiding in the grass, getting ready to jump into action! Most importantly you can go see the video where I make both cards here!

Stamps Unconventionally

Stamps & Inks unconventionally, this time it's the stamp I used differently
Stamps & inks unconventionally
He didn’t pounce, he came out to say hi!!

Dies Unconventionally

LOVE how the lightning came out!
Stamps & Dies Unconventionally
I giggle when I see this card, hope you like it! Be sure and watch video since I changed it up a little.

Talk about Stamps & Dies Unconventionally!!

For those who love the Unconventional, click here to see another post. Here is one more sample I made a while ago, that I was tickled with!! Of course, if you want to see the video I have it!!

Unconventional Stamps and Dies
This uses an upside down Snowman die with another die to make a keyhole!!

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Sneak peek for $35 or more in purchases


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Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina