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Continuing the Carousel Ride

Hey Guys, I’m continuing the Carousel Ride today because I had two more ideas using it! Because I broke my neck Horseback riding, Carousel Horses are the only ones I ride anymore! Before you see these cards below, keep in mind that I have changed them up on my Live Video today! If you missed it, click here. For some reason, I have a problem doing the SAME card twice! Of course, I hope you love both sets!

Continuing the Carousel Ride

Continuing the carousel ride
Continuing the Carousel ride
Continuing the carousel ride
Continuing the Carousel Ride

Joining offer this month!!

Indeed, there is a joining sale for those who join this month!

WooHoo!!  Join now!

Overall this is an awesome deal! Of course, you can get more goodies or spend less! Because I love stamps/stamping so much I would choose the 35% more! Nevertheless, what would you choose? When you join, click this link to sign up! As always I would love to have you join my team: The Tedder Bears! Basically we do monthly meetings, some of the meetings we do a shoebox swap where we get together and make each others cards! While stamping we visit and laugh! As a matter of fact we have so much fun that everyone can’t wait to do it again!

FREE Pdf’s

Basically when I am done doing this post and the others I do for my videos, I make a PDF to give to those who sign up for my Newsletter! In fact today I am sending out 4 PDF’s to those who are already signed up! If you would like to get the PDF’s that I am doing on my video today, sign up and you will get it in a couple of weeks along with those I do from here on out! Because my love language is gift giving, I do this because I love to share!

Thank you!

Because I always say this, I hope you don’t think I don’t mean it! Unquestionably I appreciate you coming to visit me here on my blog and visiting me on YouTube! After all you can be anywhere but you chose to spend your time with me! Thank you!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Jumping out to say boo!

Hey Guys, this skeleton likes jumping out to say Boo! In this case, there is a lever that helps him to pop out. Of course it’s Thursday and I have a video to show you how to do it! Every Thursday I do a video on my YouTube channel and for those watching live there is a drawing to win the cards! This time though I am not doing a drawing since I need these cards to send out to my Grandkids! Hope you understand!

Jumping out to say boo!

Jumping out to say boo!
Jumping out to say boo!

Did I tell you not only is he jumping out to say boo, but this card Glows in the Dark!

He's jumping out soon, but for now it's glowing!
May not be jumping out to say boo, but it's still cute!
The fence is glowing!

Mini Catalog is LIVE

If you haven’t received a catalog yet, I would love to send you one! The cost is $5 plus you get a $5 coupon to spend!! Shipping is on me! Let me send you a copy and you will love it!

Would you like the PDF of these cards and more?!

Basically to get the PDF all you need to do is sign up for my Newsletter! Easy peasy! Subsequently, every couple of weeks I send out PDF’s of the projects I have made. As long as you are signed up for my newsletter you will be getting free PDF’s! At any rate, this is my way to thank you! Of course I love to share with others, doing it this way I get to share with more people!

Last thing

Eventually I tell you that I appreciate you! Markedly this is no different! Thank you so much for stopping by, I of all people know that you could be anywhere right now! Because you chose to be with me, I am a happy person!! Moreover, I hope you plan on attending one of my Live’s so I can talk to you and you might win a card! Thank you!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Light up card the Easy Way!

Plus another fun card using Lighting the Way by SU!

Hey Guys, making a Light up Card isn’t always easy, but I’m going to show you the easy way! If you want to watch my video so you can see how it’s done, click here! As always I walk you through making a handmade card, but this time it is interactive! When you push on the sentiment, the Lantern lights up! Fun!

Light up card the EASY way!

Light up card the easy way, watch the video to see it in action!
inside for light up card
This may not be a light up card the easy way, but it is so pretty!!
inside of 2nd card

Get 15% off ALL stamps in the BIG Catalog, today only!!

Of course I love a sale, who doesn’t!? Today only there is a sale on ALL stamps (no dies) so be sure to click on this link to go to my OnLine Store and get your deal! Moreover you will also get from me the PDF for this month that is exclusively for those who purchase $35 or more! I love giving people things, it is my Love Language. So, please take me up on being able to give you this exclusive PDF with 16 projects!!

Not only do I like Light Up Cards, especially when it’s done the easy way. Also I love creating in general! Not sure I share this enough but I NEVER thought I had a creative bone in my body. It wasn’t until I met Stampin’ Up! that I discovered that I am artistic! My goal for you is to share how easy stamping is and hopefully you can also learn it’s not as hard as either of us had thought!

I’m off to see my grandkids!

As I told you before a couple of weeks ago I went to CA to visit my family. My daughter let us bring back my grandson without his parents, and it went so great!! Now, I am going to DC to meet up with my other daughter and my other two grandkids! Don’t you love Summer!? Overall, I am excited that I got to see ALL my kids AND grandkids!

My hope is that you love this post and that you will share it and my video with your friends, but mostly I would love for you to try your hand at making a Light up card the easy way!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Three cards – Fancy and silly

Plus NEW product to see

Hey guys, There are Three cards to see today, one is fancy, one is silly and the other is beautiful! Also, you won’t want to miss the fact that I am sharing BRAND NEW product today!! Of course, as a Demo for SU! I get to purchase things BEFORE those who aren’t Demo’s. Conversely I am sharing with you the NEW Horse & Sleigh stamp set/bundle that will be coming out next month. All in all, today is Thursday and my Live day on YouTube! If you missed it you can catch it here. As always if you watch Live you can be in the drawing to get one of these cards!

Three Cards – Fancy and Silly, here is the Silly one

Three cards - Fancy and silly, thi sis the silly one

Three cards – here is the fancy one

three cards - here is the fancy one

Three Cards – you saw fancy and silly now here is the Beautiful one!

This is a take on a card I saw on Pinterest by Carol Buckalew

Want to maximize your investment?

Of course, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how to maximize your investment when you buy SU product! As always the deal to join Stampin’ Up! is the best thing in town! But, for the month of June they have sweetened the pot! Not only do you get to spend $99 and get $125 worth of product, but this month you get MORE to spend! Before the month is gone, you can join for the $99 but now you’ll get $155 to spend!!

Emphatically I would love to have you join my team, The Tedder Bears. We get together every month and make cards, bond and laugh! Equally important if you join my team you get the PDF that has 16 projects that are intended for those who buy $35 or more. BUT you get it every month! Click here to join me and The Tedder Bears!


As always, I want you to understand that the fact that you are here and reading this tickles me to no end! Evidently I figure if you are reading this that you enjoy being here! Thank you so much!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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September Paper Pumpkin

I have alternatives for you!

Hey Guys, Today I have the September Paper Pumpkin for you! Of course I have alternatives for you! I especially hope you get Paper Pumpkin each month, I mean when else can you have a surprise every month! There aren’t many surprises any more, however every month you can get one! Not only do I do alternatives every month but so do a lot of other people, you can get ideas from them too! First thing to remember is that I have a Video on YouTube every Thursday, if you missed the one where I showed how to make these cards, you can catch it here!

September Paper Pumpkin card 1

September card 1

September Paper Pumpkin Card 2

Fancy Fold September Paper Pumpkin
PP Alternative #2

Are you a Subscriber?

Did you know that if you order Paper Pumpkin through me I will send you all the card necessities that aren’t included in the box? Then you can make my alternatives easily! To get PP here is a link you can use. Undoubtedly we can BOTH be surprised every month!

Get the Most Value for your investment!

Because everyone loves a Discount, you should consider joining Stampin’ Up! Not only do you already purchase product from me, but you can also be a Discount Shopper and get it for less!! I want to be sure you get the most Value! No need to do SU! as a business, unless you want to! Getting the Discount is why I joined!! For the first 10 years I shared with my friends and bought for myself. But then I thought why not share with others and I started having classes! The rest is history!! Have you ever seen a person’s eyes light up when they stamp for the first time!? That’s what sold me!

Thank you so much for visiting my page! I hope you got to watch my video! If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel please do! I’ve been stagnate in my numbers, and this is the only way I can see if I’m doing what you like. Plus I have a LOT more videos sharing with you some fun projects! Hope to see you next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California Girl living in North Carolina

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Stamparatus & Reflections

Be amazed how easy it is following my Tips & Tricks

Hey Guys, Today we are using the Stamparatus & making Reflections! I’m so excited to share with you especially since I will be using a Halloween stamp set from SU! I am doing this live on YouTube today at 4:00, I emphatically wish you would join me! Each person who joins and comments on my Live will get the chance to win one of the cards I make on that day! But wait there’s more….IF you share the video you will get your name in TWICE! Ready to see what I made today?

Stamparatus & Reflections
Inspired by Tarabeth Stamps

PDF for card 1

Stamparatus & Reflections

Stamparatus & Reflections
Inspired by Michelle Zindorf

PDF Stamparatus & Reflections

World Card Making Day

On October 1st the World will be celebrating World Card Making Day! I am having, of course, a FULL day of stamping and fun! Basically if you order all 3 classes for $99.00 you will get $95 worth of product PLUS 21 projects! Undoubtedly one of the best deals I have EVER offered! You MUST sign up before September 24th so I can purchase all your goodies and prep for our day of fun! Click here to register or learn more! Available while supplies last, so don’t wait!!

What can I do for You?

Basically I am here for you! If you would like to see me make certain cards all you need to do is ask! Furthermore, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t help you maximize your Value! I’m sure everyone wants to get their money’s worth when purchasing anything, I am here to help you do that! Call or email me @ 336-408-8957 (be sure and text first otherwise I don’t answer if I don’t know you) tedderbearstamping@gmail.com

In closing

All in All I love my job and love to see when others find out how easy/fun/relaxing stamping can be. I NEVER thought I was creative and looking at my first tries I needed help! But, I kept at it since I wanted to learn, this is what I want to do for you! Either online or in person. As I said “I’m here for you!” Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you come back next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Heron Habitat is all that

And much more, who doesn’t love cattails!?

Hey Guys!, Heron Habitat is all that and more! As you have seen I love birds but this stamp set also has really cool dies AND it has cattails! I grew up visiting a lake and I saw all kinds of birds but my favorite was the cattails! When I saw this stamp set from Stampin’ Up! of course I knew I must get it! If you are a lover of all things water/birds then hopefully you will want to see my Live on YouTube where I made these two cards! Undoubtedly you will notice that I have pictures AND a PDF for you below, certainly you will want to check out my other projects either here or on my YouTube channel. Notwithstanding my weekly Live videos I also have a lot of tutorials on there!

Heron Habitat IS all that!

Hereon habitat is all that and More!
Heron Habitat is all that & More!
Heron Habitat is all that
All that & more!

Are you a Discount Shopper?

Basically everyone loves to get a deal! Of course I wanted a deal when I found Stampin’ Up! Instead of paying full price for things that I wanted I decided to become a ‘Demo’ and get it at a discount! This was surprisingly 19 years ago! Basically I had no idea I would STILL be loving every minute and I still get excited when there is a new catalog coming out! If undoubtedly you are the same my hope is that you will decide to join my Team: Lets Stamp!, where you too can surely be a Discount Shopper!

There’s another way to get a deal!

If joining isn’t for you, nevertheless there is still a way to get a deal! Every month I along with 15 other Demo’s come up with a project that we all put together so we can give it to YOU when you shop with us. Therefore, you only need spend $35 to get this great PDF! After all, That’s 16 projects WITH pictures and step by step instructions! Every month I am equally excited to see the projects! Here is a sneak Peek of what you can get as can be seen by shopping with me in the month of June!


Finally I would like to let you know how much I appreciate you coming to my blog to visit! Please leave a comment after all I love to see what you think! Of course I would love it if you would visit me while I am doing my Live on YouTube also! It’s so much fun to be able to really talk to you! Most important for me is that you enjoy what I am decidedly making! Each week the most compelling evidence is that I have fun and in the same fashion you do too! To emphasize, who knew I would be doing this 19 years later!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Cup of Tea anyone?

Too Cute for words!

Hey Guys!, Cup of Tea anyone? The Cup of Tea stamp set from Stampin’ Up! is of course too cute for words! Of course I will try my best to have you LOVE this bundle! If you would like to see these cards be made, come over to my YouTube page using this link. Besides doing a video/blog post today, I also do one EVERY Thursday (unless I am traveling). However I would love it if you would join me during one of my Lives, since I always give away my cards to those who comment! Basically I love it when I get to talk to you!

Cup of Tea Anyone?!

Cup of Tea?
These colors are stunning in person!

Another Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea anyone?!
There is embossing on the Flirty Flamingo, it’s hard to see

Become a Happy Shopper!

Did you know that Stampin’ Up! is having in this case a Joining special? For the Month of May you can undoubtedly join my team and get ALL the New In Color stamp pads/Designer paper/cardstock (worth $66) along with $125 worth of product for only $99? This, of course is so exciting when SU! gives out a special on something that is already special! My team gets together every month on Zoom where we make particularly beautiful cards, we also share business tips, laugh and have a ton of fun together! I, certainly would love it if you would join my Team – Lets Stamp! Every month I put on our Facebook team page a couple of PDF’s of projects you can surely use in your business! Of course you can use these in your own classes! No need to, after that, think of a class idea yourself!

Another way to get ideas

For those who don’t want to become a demonstrator and get a discount, presently you can get your hands on my PDF just by placing an order with me of $35 or more! What is in this PDF you indeed can ask? Well I have 16 projects with step by step instructions after all along with color photo’s! You will also get a hand stamped card from me as a Thank you!

Each box is a card you can get instructions for!
All this for only $35!!


Thank you so much for visiting, you have no idea how much it means to me! Also, if you watch my videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, you have my gratitude! Of course I work very hard to bring things to share, that I undoubtedly hope you enjoy. My hope is that you will surely come back. Thanks Again!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Sweet Songbirds makes me smile!

Makes me smile!

Hey Guys!, Today I am sharing with you Sweet Songbirds, of course this set totally makes me smile! As soon as I saw it I especially knew I HAD to have it! Besides being cute, the birds are particularly fun to make! This bundle coupled with a punch is part of what makes me significantly happy. If you would like to SEE these particular cards be made, for that reason you can watch my YouTube Live here. As I said before Sweet Songbirds makes me smile! Indeed, every Thursday (mostly) I have a Live class on YouTube. If you are just now finding me, overall you should without delay check out my Channel. Of course presently I have around 200 videos for you to check out at length!

Sweet Songbirds card 1

Sweet songbirds makes me smile
Isn’t this birdhouse cute!?

Sweet Songbirds card 2

Sweet songbirds makes me smile
Got this idea from Inky Bee Stampers

Did Sweet songbirds make you smile?

Being a part of Stampin’ Up! indeed has been my greatest joy, besides my kids/hubby that is! I have emphatically loved every minute of it, after all I never knew I was creative until I started stamping. Right now there is indeed a special going on with SU! As I have said this is so much fun, I would love it if above all you would choose my team. That is, if you want to be a happy shopper and get a discount on things you are ALREADY buying! At the present time there is a sale going on being that you can get even MORE for your money.

What do you get?

For $99 you get to undoubtedly pick out $125 worth of product PLUS through the month of May, you also get: the Starter Kit also includes $66.50 USD In Color Grid Paper, In Color Ink Pad collection, In Color Cardstock Collection, and In Color 6″ x 6″ Designer Series Paper assortments!! Wow! Particularly great way to start off on the right foot! Given all that, it’s an additional $66.50! Also, being a part of my team (LETs Stamp!) you get to attend our monthly meetings where we simultaneously make cards together, give away prizes and get to hang out with other stamping people that share your passion!  Surely that’s enough, right? Wrong! You will also get a FREE Paper Pumpkin! Click here to join.

Thank You

Mostly I would like to thank you not only for being here on my blog but for supporting me in my business! I love it when I get comments here as well as on my YouTube channel. I especially love it when you join my Live and therefore chat with me! Almost every Thursday (I was off last week due to my Daughter’s Graduation from College) I have my YouTube Stamping Class. Indeed, I absolutely hope to see you there! Some days I have two cards to share, otherwise I usually have 3. I also have in person card class, for the most part I teach the cards done on my Live videos.


If you purchase from me, you will undoubtedly receive a Thank you Card, but you’ll also get with a Qualifying order of $35 or more, a PDF with 16 projects! These projects are overall great ideas for you to use. Undeniably you will love them and you’ll also have pictures to go by let alone step by step instructions. For this reason, I hope this will help you when coming up with projects. Most important is that you know on the whole that I appreciate you so much! In the long run, I do this to help you come up with ideas! I especially hope that you love them as much as I do!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Make a ladybug into a Bee!

New In Colors too!

Hey Guys!, for today’s post I am showing you how to make a ladybug into a bee! I’m also using some NEW In Colors! My husband and I are Bee keepers, therefore I am so excited to show you how the ladybug punch was turned into a bee! You can catch the video live or surely watch it here on my YouTube Channel! When you make me your Demonstrator you will receive a handmade thank you card along with a PDF whenever you place a qualified order of $35 or more!

Go ahead, make my day!

Of course, I would be extremely happy if you chose me to be your mentor/stamping teacher! Subsequently if you have anything you would like me to show you, indeed leave a comment and I will undoubtedly do my best to help you! Above all I love interacting with you! Not to mention that teaching others to be crafty in brief makes me very happy. Another point is I would love it if you want to be a Happy shopper! That is what can happen if you join my team and SU! Who doesn’t love getting a deal, of course you will love getting a discount and still buying from the best company! My team has so much fun swapping, making cards together and generally getting together on Zoom or in person! If you are interested, click here and in short you will be taken to my sign up page!

Card 1, make a ladybug into a bee!

Make a ladybug into a Bee!
Isn’t this stinkin’ Cute!?

NOT a ladybug made into Bee but a Dressed Up Ladybug

This isn't making a ladybug into a bee, but it IS making a ladybug get dressed up!
New In Colors!

Card 3 Dazzling!

We sure made her Dazzling!
Did you know that this stamp set fits the Medium Daisy Punch?

There’s More!

I really hope you like my cards today! This stamp set was so much fun moreover it is going to be in the next Catalog! Especially because it goes live on May 3rd, surprisingly that’s just around the corner! If by chance you would like a Catalog from me, then you can place an order with me and I’ll send you one. If you are not a current client, nevertheless I can send you one for $10, and put a $10 certificate inside that will go towards your next order with me! As has been noted before, if you place a Qualifying order of $35 or more, you will indeed get a PDF with 16 projects! As has been noted this PDF has step by step instructions along with color photos!

To purchase all your goodies in brief click on any of the pictures below OR you can just click here and use my Host code! Besides making my day, of course I hope you will enjoy having me as your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator!


Please in any event come back next week! And check out my YouTube channel, given that I have TONS of great ideas on there! Overall, I would love to ‘see’ you on my Live videos, indeed you may win one of my cards just by commenting! I have so much fun in spite of not seeing everyone in person. In summary, I enjoy stamping, but really love to send out my cards! Most important I want to spread the love of stamping! AS has been mentioned, I didn’t know I could be artistic, but what must be remembered is that Stampin’ Up! makes it easy! On the whole that is one of the many reasons I love this company! See you next time!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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