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Finally NEW product!

Fun with Lazy Days

Hey Guys, I get to Finally play with NEW product! Basically, today I am having fun with Lazy Days. I have to thank Carol Buckalew for opening my mind to ways to use this set. I have done a video walking you through how to make this. Of course, the picture does not do it justice, so be sure to comment on my video within the next few days and you may get it in the mail! Particularly since I started doing a random drawing for those who comment on my recorded video.

Finally NEW Product, introducing Lazy Days

Finally, NEW product!!
Inside the NEW product

Want the PDF for free!?

Before you ask, yes I give out my pdf for this card to those who are signed up for my newsletter! I try to email every week the PDF that I made for that week. Basically I would do it less often, but adding too many PDF’s makes it to where it’s too big to send. So, if you don’t mind getting a PDF (or more) each week, sign up!

Did you notice?

Because the picture can not give you what your naked eye could, I want to point out that the railing/porch cover are ‘painted’! Indeed, I used Blends to make this a Victorian porch! Not only did I use Blends, but I used the NEW colors Bubble Bath and Moody Mauve! Hereafter you can call this a Dynamic Duo! Of course they go good together, SU! is so good at making colors that pair nicely together.

Also, I want to point out how the rocking chair is colored. Thanks to Carol this looks like a REAL rocking chair! Equally if you watch the video you will see how I made the ‘mountains’. Of course mountains are not that color, but in MY world they are! LOL Occasionally I have to stretch the colors that are in reality to match the card!

Did you know

At this time, did you know that I have a BOGO sale every year? Instead of keeping all my retired sets (I DO keep some), I let those who can come by my house pick out what they want. And then I let them pick out the same amount out of the new catalog. Then they only pay one price! Besides getting the retired stamp sets they get NEW product and only pay one price! Wait, there’s more! LOL Another thing they get to do is pick out Sale-a-Bration item for FREE that I have! NOT only do they get to pick out SAB items, but they get one for every $30 NOT $50! It’s a win win, I get to clean out retired product AND get sales! Basically you just need to contact me and we can arrange a time for you to come by.

Did you miss it!?

Certainly you see everything I do (said tongue in cheek), but if you missed it check out last weeks post! Next week for my Live I will play with something new, I’m thinking the New set Hey Chuck! Even though I don’t LOVE chickens, this set makes me laugh. Of course anything that makes me laugh is good!! Especially since some days are harder than others (I deal with depression) when you get a smile from something, go for it! Probably why I love my husband so much. Besides being a good man, he makes me laugh EVERY day! Plus, he doesn’t expect me to clean house! Certainly he’s a keeper!!

Because it’s true

Basically every time I blog, I tell you that I appreciate you. That’s because I do! It makes my heart happy to know you are reading this and joining me when I do a video. Emphatically, I DO appreciate you, so thank you! Equally important is that I want to make things you would like to see, drop me a note if there is something specific.

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Product List

Fast & Easy Card

It may be easy, but it’s gorgeous!

Hey Guys, Today I am sharing with you a Fast & Easy card! As the tag line said, It may be easy, but it’s gorgeous! Certainly, If you would like to watch me make this Fast & Easy card, click here!

  • Layers – Check
  • Embossing Folder – Check
  • Ribbon – Check
  • Stamping – Check
  • Gems – Check

Fast & Easy? You tell me!

Fast & Easy, surprise, it is!!

Want the FREE PDF?

Another key point, it’s super simple to get the Free PDF for this card, plus those I do in the future! So, What do you need to do? First thing to remember, you only need to sign up for my Newsletter! Undoubtedly You should see the sign up bar on the right side of this post! Then you will get a weekly PDF or when I do my videos and offer the Pdf, you will get it! Indeed, I Told you it was free!!

Sale a Bration almost OVER!!

Basically, I say ‘Please, don’t have it be over already!!’ I LOVE SAB, every year I get so excited to get FREE product with the order I was already getting! SU! always outdoes their selves! NOW they have even MORE for free! Yes, they are offering the usual in the SAB brochure, but they are also offering things that are in the BIG catalog!! WooHoo!!

Free SAB with any/all $50 order, you can order this Fast & Easy supplies to make this card!
Free SAB with any/all $50 order, you can order this Fast & Easy supplies to make this card!

Want to be a Discount Shopper?!

Certainly, I ask this all the time! Of course you do! When I joined in 2003, that’s why! Of course, I was going to be buying it anyway, why not share this opportunity with my friends and have fun doing it! Choosing to join my team would make me so happy – Team name: Lets Stamp! We get together virtually every month, but we also have Showbox swaps, and I buy one of my team members a brand new stamp set each month! Whereas, the only thing I ask is that they make some samples and share with the group! Emphatically, I would love for you to join under me, click here to check it out! Consequently you get to PICK which special you want!!

Last but not least

Similarly, every time I post I tell you how appreciative I am of you coming, I am not lying! I know life gets busy and there are tons to see on the internet, but the choice of coming here, makes me happy! Nevertheless, I have to go for this week. However, I plan on making something really pretty, lots of layers, fancy folds, pretty much a card you will want to pick who is special to get it!! Thanks again, come back next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Product List

Sneak Peek for FREE

SAB is almost here!

Hey Guys, today I am sharing a sneak Peek for FREE items coming out in January! Overall, this definitely will help you decide which one you want first. Nevertheless, every week, I go through what I want to show you, and this week I didn’t have to look very hard. Because the Adorable Owls set is just like it says, stinkin’ ADORABLE! Also I thought that who wants to see flowers!? But after finishing my card, it is soooo pretty I am so happy I chose it! Overall which one do you like better? To watch these cards being made, you can catch it here Live today on YouTube at 4 eastern, or you can watch it later!

Sneak Peek for FREE

Sneak Peek for Free
Inside the Adorable Owls

2nd card for Sneak Peek for FREE

Beautifully Happy
Sneak peek for free

Want FREE Pdf’s?

Of course, you can get two different PDF’s from me: One that I send out every week that corresponds with my weekly YouTube/Blog posts. The 2nd one is at the present time, one I send out that has 16 projects for those who spend $35 or more. Specifically, the latter is to reward those who order and the 1st is for everyone who subscribes to my Newsletter for free! I equally love them both, however they both rock for different reasons. Since the one with the 16 projects is done by 15 other people and myself. Undeniably anything I can get ideas for that I don’t have to come up with is awesome! And this group is full of talent!

Emphatically, I LOVE my cards, and want to share them with you! But, the easiest way is to put them into my Newsletter, all you have to do is sign up and Voila you get them each week! Besides did you know that I used to think I had NO CRAFTING talent!? It wasn’t until I got into Stampin’ Up! that I found out that it’s not as hard as I had at first thought! Forthwith let me know if you would like to learn anything, or need help in finding your Crafty MoJo.

Get in on being a Happy Shopper

Unquestionably everyone loves a DEAL! Nonetheless, SU! has a deal for you! Next month during Sale-a-Bration (SAB) you can join this awesome company and my team! As a matter of fact at Lets Stamp! (my team name) we get together, all in all every month and stamp together. Undoubtedly these women in my Team are so fun to hang out with! YOU would fit right in! Click here to join! Subsequently SU! every year during SAB has a great joining offer! This one is a beauty! You can get a FREE Stampin’ Mini Cut & Emboss machine in BOHO Blue or in the regular White along with spending $175 for only $129! OR you can get $175 to spend and not get the machine but the cost is only $99!! I know which one I would pick!


I would finally like to thank you for stopping by! It means a lot to me knowing you spent your time with me! I honestly hope that you have enjoyed my projects! I hope to see you here again next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former CA girl living in North Carolina

Product List

SNEAK PEEK of Seaside Bay!

Brand NEW Pop-Up!!

Hey Guys!, today I have a Sneak Peek of Seaside Bay, which is NEW coming in January! Also I worked all day yesterday coming up with a NEW Pop-Up card!! For those of you who’ve subscribed to my Newsletter, you get the PDF for this card along with the template for the Pop-Up!! Look to the right of where you are reading and you will see where to sign up! Once I’m done with my videos I send out the PDF with the instructions on how to make my card(s) for that day. If you would like to SEE this card being made click here! Of course I learn by seeing so that is why I love YouTube so much!! If you would, once on my channel can you please subscribe? I have been trying so hard to get my subscribers up, it’s just super slow!!

Sneak Peek of Seaside Bay below!

Sneak Peek of Seaside Bay Designer Paper!!  As well as the stamp!
I'm so proud of my Pop-Up card!! Like my Sneak Peek of Seaside Bay?
This was so much fun!!

NEW Catalog coming soon!

Firstly, I have been a Demonstrator for SU! for over 19 years now! Consequently I LOVE getting the NEW Catalog! Getting a sneak peek of stamp sets like Seaside Bay is one of my all time favorites about being a Demo! If you think that you would like to become a Discount Shopper and Join Stampin’ Up! January or February is the time to do it! IF you join you get a BRAND NEW Mini Stampin’ Cut & Embossing machine, but NOT in the usual White, NO! You will get a Gorgeous machine in Boho Blue!! Because Sale-a-Bration starts in January you can join and you’ll have a choice to make:

  1. You can get the Machine listed above and $175.00 worth of product for $125!
  2. Another way to join is to get the Regular White Mini + $175.00 worth of product for $125!
  3. OR you can get $175 of product for only $99.00!

Secondly, Didn’t I tell you that you would have a choice to make!? I have talked with many a Demo and they ALL want the NEW Machine in Boho Blue! But, we have to pay full price…. YOU can get it plus a BUNCH of product! For those of you who would love to join my team, click here. Of course, I would LOVE to have you join and stamp along with our team members every month! Also did you know that you get a discount once you are a Demo? Above all, I wanted the discount which is the reason I joined….Why pay full price when you can get it for less!? I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you how to get the MOST from your investment!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I honestly hope you love what I have to show you today! My passion is to make projects that are a little more, my hope is that you love these too! I would love it if you could stop by again, please subscribe to the blog too! That way you won’t miss a thing!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina