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Make cards like a PRO

There’s a reason flower stamps are popular!

Hey Guys, Want to make cards like a PRO? Particularly if you follow along with my video and you will be amazed at how easy it is! Before you start thinking that you can’t do what I do, I thought the same! Admittedly I had a learning curve, but I didn’t have someone like me helping! Of course, Attending a stamp class is easy, usually I have everything cut and ready and walk you through each step. Join Stampin’ Besties and not only do I have a pdf, but we also make all 6 cards on video for you to watch over and over!

Make cards like a pro

Another key point is that Stampin’ Besties is the best way to start getting product in your hands AND learn how to stamp! Click here to read more. Undeniably for $40 (shipping is extra) you get between $20 – $23 worth of product, color PDF with step by step instructions, video with step by step direction from all THREE Demonstrators! For that price surely you can see, I cut everything needed for the class, including the Die Cutting plus you get all that Product!! IF you decide you want to get an even better price so you can buy the stamps &/or Bundle we use, you can join SU! and be a Happy Shopper with at least a 20% discount! For the month of October you can sign up for $99 BUT you get $155 worth of product YOU can pick out!! Click here to sign up.

I could use your help

Undeniably I could use your help. Therefore, If you could spread the word about my blog/videos, I would really appreciate it! Undeniably I have been stagnate in my numbers and haven’t seen a growth considering that I have been doing this for almost 2 years.

Similarly, In my blog, which I do every week along with my video, I show you a lot of ways to stamp. Of course, If you would like to see other cards using this stamp set (Sending Smiles) click here.

Today’s cards:

Make cards like a PRO

Card 2:

Make cards like a pro

Get a card in the mail from me!

Equally important, Did you know that you can get a card in the mail from me just by joining me on one of my YouTube Lives? The only thing you would need to do is comment while I’m live. Because, every week I usually make two cards sometimes more, and I have a random drawing for those that comment. Then you can tell me which one you like that I made that day!! Surprisingly, I’ve sent cards to people in the US, AND over seas! Basically, Check out any of my lives on my Channel and you can see the type of cards I do! Such as, making cards like a pro!

I want to thank you!

Thanks for reading this far! I really do appreciate you taking out time in your schedule to be here! Of course, you mean the world to me!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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