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Amazing Technique using Masks!

Hey Guys, Today I’m doing an Amazing Technique using Masks! Use TWO masks to make an awesome design! Today is Thursday, so you know that means I have a video on my YouTube channel! I’ve been wanting to try this technique and finally found my Masks so I could show you! Of course, If you missed my video today, you can catch it here. But, did you know that on every one of my Live videos you can attend Live and I do a drawing at the end of the video to send out my project?!

Amazing Technique using masks

Amazing Technique using Masks
Amazing Technique using Masks

TODAY is the last day for this great Deal!

I’ve been telling you since the New Year that Sale-a-Bration is upon us. As you can tell today is the last day to get any of the extra benefits! You can sign up to be a Demo for $99 and get $125 worth of product PLUS a very cool cutting mat! Or, you can get an extra $30 on top of the $125! What a great deal!! If by chance you would like to join my team the Tedder Bears, click here! Of course I want to show you all the benefits for being a part of my team/joining SU!!

I’d love to have you in my Stamping Family!

Join the Fun! Become a member of Stampin’ Up and my community, called The Tedder Bears! with the purchase of the Stampin’ Up starter kit.

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Here are the perks for Joining: The Tedder Bears

  • Join us for our Monthly meeting where I send out Make n Takes for us to make together on Zoom, or face-to-face.
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Getting ready for my Stampin’ Up! trip!

Now that I have explained how to join Stampin’ Up! Of course I want to tell you the perks of being a part of this wonderful company. Most important is the people you will meet. Either in person or online, you will make the best of friends! In this case, Our community has people just like you and me, that lets you bond with other crafty people! In similar fashion I am going to Houston next month to be with all types of stamping people. Also, I will be able to see the catalog before others that aren’t attending. And, I will be able to order from that catalog! Now, THAT is a perk!!


In case you missed it before, I really appreciate you! I hope you enjoyed my Amazing Technique using Masks! If by chance you do something using this technique I would LOVE to see it! Send me an email: Lisa@tedderbearstamping.com and add a picture! I love that you visit me here AND on my YouTube Channel! See you next week!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Sunflowers made easy!

Hey Guys, Today I’m showing Sunflowers made easy! Because I don’t use Masks very often I thought maybe you don’t either. Undeniably Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers, so when I saw these Masks and how pretty the flowers are, I had to get it! Certainly, if by chance you missed my video showing how easy and fun it is, click here to see it! Surely you know that I give away my cards to those watching Live (in a drawing, of course)!

Sunflowers made easy AND Houndstooth

Sunflowers made easy
Sunflowers made easy as well as Houndstooth!
Sunflowers made easy, So Pretty!!
Sunflowers made easy

So I showed you Sunflowers made easy, I didn’t mention that the masks also have Houndstooth! Indeed doing the flap on the envelope with Houndstooth is really pretty!! Of course, let me know what you think!

Are you ready for Christmas? Early Bird Special!

What? Christmas already?! Well, I’m not quite ready for Christmas but I can help you make your Christmas cards AND have fun visiting, crafting and meeting new Friends! Every year I have Christmas card classes and it’s all day where we listen to Christmas music, craft, eat, laugh and generally have a ton of fun! I also suggest if you can’t make it live, you can get the fixin’s (I’ve lived in the South too long!) for the cards sent to you at your door! Another way you can be ready for Christmas is to buy the PDF’s all by themselves. Of course, If you are interested click here to see how! I have an Early Bird price so don’t wait, it expires September 1st. However, If you have seen the cards I have made, you know that these will WOW your family and friends!

Thank you so much!

Basically, I always tell you how much I appreciate you and I hope you believe me! Surely you know that I know that you can be anywhere, visiting any other site, but you chose mine! Of course that makes me happy and thankful! Especially, the fact that you are reading this tells me that you value what I bring to the crating world! I especially appreciate that you keep coming back! Particularly important, next week, I will be in Vegas for a SU! function, so I won’t be posting, but I’ll only be gone a week! So, stay tuned!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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