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Wow Alternate Kit Cards

Hey Guys, today I am sharing Wow alternate Kit cards! Before you ask, it is the Colorful Kaleidoscope Kit and WOW this kit is Stunning!! Of course it is Thursday so that means I am doing a video walking you through how to make it, if you missed it click here.

Wow Alternate Kit Cards

Wow alternate kit cards
Wow Alternate Kit Cards
Wow Alternate Kit Cards

Would you like FREE Pdf’s?

Every Thursday I have a video on my YouTube Channel, but did you know that I send the PDF’s for these to my friends who signed up for my Newsletter? First off, I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I am an Avid stamper. Of course you have seen that I like to make my stamps/supplies work to make beautiful projects. Secondly, I LOVE to share with others! So, all you need to do is sign up for my Newsletter to get not only these three PDF’s but those I make in the future too! If you look to the right of my posts you will see where to sign up. I would love to share with you too!!

Do you LOVE new product?

Conversely I would love to send you a NEW mini catalog! There are so many Fun stamps and product for you to drool over! Indeed, I would love to send you a catty, I charge $5 for the Mini but I also send with it a coupon worth $5! This way I am not out money but once you order you get the discount!! Also, I do this for the big Catalog but the cost is $10 with a $10 coupon inside! Win Win!

YOU are appreciated!

Certainly you have heard this before, but it does need repeating! I appreciate you, not only do you visit me (YAY!) but you also could be doing anything else. Also there are those of you who attend my Lives and the joy I get out of seeing you there can’t be counted! So today I shared with you Wow Kit card alternates, but also how you can get the PDF”s for free! Please know that I DO appreciate you! Hope to see you on my Lives!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Fast & Easy Card

It may be easy, but it’s gorgeous!

Hey Guys, Today I am sharing with you a Fast & Easy card! As the tag line said, It may be easy, but it’s gorgeous! Certainly, If you would like to watch me make this Fast & Easy card, click here!

  • Layers – Check
  • Embossing Folder – Check
  • Ribbon – Check
  • Stamping – Check
  • Gems – Check

Fast & Easy? You tell me!

Fast & Easy, surprise, it is!!

Want the FREE PDF?

Another key point, it’s super simple to get the Free PDF for this card, plus those I do in the future! So, What do you need to do? First thing to remember, you only need to sign up for my Newsletter! Undoubtedly You should see the sign up bar on the right side of this post! Then you will get a weekly PDF or when I do my videos and offer the Pdf, you will get it! Indeed, I Told you it was free!!

Sale a Bration almost OVER!!

Basically, I say ‘Please, don’t have it be over already!!’ I LOVE SAB, every year I get so excited to get FREE product with the order I was already getting! SU! always outdoes their selves! NOW they have even MORE for free! Yes, they are offering the usual in the SAB brochure, but they are also offering things that are in the BIG catalog!! WooHoo!!

Free SAB with any/all $50 order, you can order this Fast & Easy supplies to make this card!
Free SAB with any/all $50 order, you can order this Fast & Easy supplies to make this card!

Want to be a Discount Shopper?!

Certainly, I ask this all the time! Of course you do! When I joined in 2003, that’s why! Of course, I was going to be buying it anyway, why not share this opportunity with my friends and have fun doing it! Choosing to join my team would make me so happy – Team name: Lets Stamp! We get together virtually every month, but we also have Showbox swaps, and I buy one of my team members a brand new stamp set each month! Whereas, the only thing I ask is that they make some samples and share with the group! Emphatically, I would love for you to join under me, click here to check it out! Consequently you get to PICK which special you want!!

Last but not least

Similarly, every time I post I tell you how appreciative I am of you coming, I am not lying! I know life gets busy and there are tons to see on the internet, but the choice of coming here, makes me happy! Nevertheless, I have to go for this week. However, I plan on making something really pretty, lots of layers, fancy folds, pretty much a card you will want to pick who is special to get it!! Thanks again, come back next week!!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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