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Techniques & Fancy Folds!

Problem Solved!

Hey Guys!, today I have Techniques & Fancy Folds along with Solving problems! Have you ever tried to color something you already Embossed with Powders? For some reason the Blends don’t work with them. Of course, I still want to use my embossing powders and use Blends, so with my Stamparatus I have brought the two together perfectly! You can watch my video where I walk you through the steps.

Techniques, do you like them?

You may remember that I used to have a channel where every Tuesday I would do Two techniques. I called it Twosday’s Techniques and I posted on Vimeo (you can still find them there!). Well, I love techniques because using them gives more life to your stamping supplies. Anything that lets me come up with cool cards/scrapbook pages is in my wheel house. For todays video I am showing how to use two products that are like oil and water, but teaching you how to use them together.

Fancy Folds yay or nay?

I would love to know if you like Fancy Folds? Obviously I like them, but I don’t want to do them as often if YOU don’t! Sometimes I get bored with the cards folded the regular way, there is only so many ways you can change it up. After all there is landscape and portrait, that’s pretty much it! Of course the challenge is whether it fits in our envelopes, If I find a fancy fold that won’t fit in our envelopes, I tend to stear clear. What do you think? I’d love to know what you like.

Techniques & Fancy Folds!

Techniques & Fancy folds, of course this is a fancy fold!
Techniques & Fancy Folds, this is the technique card!

These cards are very fun to make, the first one I got the fold from Sue Campfield, and the other one I saw on Pinterest, both I designed myself, hope you love them as much as I do! Techniques & Fancy Folds are my jam!

You can get BOTH PDF’s by signing up for my Newsletter (upper right of post), each time I do a pdf I send it to my Newsletter people. Get ready to get a bunch of ideas!!

Last chance!

This year seems to be speeding by once again. You only have one month left to get your Sale-a-Bration free stamps! Spend $50 and you can pick out from this one or others! Click on the link and you will be in my store, you can see all the items for SAB by clicking on the specials tab. IF you spend enough to get a Free SAB item, you also spent enough to get my PDF with 16 projects with pictures and step by step instructions! DOUBLE Sale!!

Also I want to let you know if you decide to join (hopefully under me!) you have three choices:

Starter kit offer!!  Great Deal!
You will love my Team Lets Stamp! We have a lot of fun and I send out 1 free stamp set every month!

Sorry I was gone for a month

Some of you already know this but I went to DisneyWorld with my family last month! We spent 8 days with all my grandkids and all three of my daughters with 2 of their significant others. Every day was full of waking up before dawn, opening the park (rope drop anyone!?) and then trying to get all our rides that we ‘had to’ ride before it got too busy. Can I tell you that the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is so awesome! I have a bad neck due to my accident when I broke my C2 vertebrae, so most roller coasters I worry will exacerbate my condition, but the Guardians ride was so smooth and fun! If they let us I’m sure we would have got right back in line!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also spent 4 days at Universal Studios, also opening the park! Let’s just say we left our ‘vacation’ more tired than we started! 🙂 All of us have decided that NEXT time, Universal will only be 1-2 days and being a Disney Family we still HAVE to spend a day at each park. BUT we will add in rest days so we can recoup and enjoy the resort.

Anyone here a Disney Fan? I moved to CA in 1969, grew up going to Disney. Then we moved all around the states and once we moved to NC we figured we could still be a Disney Family, but this time it would be Disney World. I LOVE Disney and feel my happiest when I am there, you?

That’s it for today!

I hope you enjoyed your visit! Please come back next week for my next round of cards/video. NOT sure if I will do a Live on YouTube or just upload a video. All depends on my time and schedule! Thank you so much for coming, I really appreciate you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Product List

Who loves a Discount?! Online Extravaganza starting tomorrow!

Stampin’ Up! is having an Online Extravaganza where you can get 15% off the listed price of certain items!

I LOVE a good sale and most of these items are a MUST HAVE for me! Check them out!!

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Isn’t that what you hear from a TV host that says…..’Wait! There’s More!” LOL

If you are in need of a Demonstrator, I would love to be yours if you live in the US!


Lisa Tedder

A California Girl living in North Carolina

15% OFF SALE Oct 23rd, 24 hours only!!

Hey Guys!

Stampin’ Up! is turning 30, and we’re throwing a 24-hour stamp sale to celebrate the occasion.
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Lisa Tedder
A California Girl living in North Carolina

Product List