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Making a Fancy Fold and a Landscape

Hey Guys, making a fancy fold and landscape card is what I will be doing today! Overall, I love Fancy Folds and making my own landscapes is really fun! Of course after my video today, my hope is that you will give it a try! Basically every Thursday I either do a Live on YouTube or a pre-recorded video. Conversely, did you know if you watch my Live in person, and comment you can get in a drawing for one of the cards I make that day?! Still, If by chance you missed the video you can catch it here!

Making a Fancy Fold and Landscape
Making a Fancy Fold and Landscape
Making a Fancy Fold and Landscape
Making a Fancy Fold and Landscape
Making a Fancy Fold and Landscape

I would love to be your Supplier

Now that I have shared making a fancy fold and a landscape, Evidently saying I should be your supplier sounded bad, but I would love to be your SU! Demonstrator and supply you with your crafting goodies! Overall, I have been stamping for over 22 years and a Demo for over 20! Correspondingly you can say I LOVE stamping and sharing what I love. If you live in the US I would be so happy if you chose me! There is nothing more I want than to help you with your crafting needs, click here if you would like to purchase something! Also, if you would like to be a part of a community that shares your passions, SU! is here for you!

Become a Tedder Bear

For one thing, my team The Tedder Bears is fun, we get together monthly and either stamp together or learn how to help others! Of course, If you are interested in becoming a Tedder Bear click here! You still have time to get the joining offer, get a discount and be a part of the most giving/loving community! But, There is no pressure, you can quit at any time!

After all, the funny thing is I joined to get the discount. But do you know what I found? Above all, A place that embraces me as I am, a community that encourages me to be artistic! Because I have met so many friends and learned so much, I know I will stick around! By all means, give it some thought!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Balanced against my main goal is to encourage and excite you about stamping! I want you to have as much fun as I do! Of course I hope you come back, and would LOVE it if you would join me on a Live!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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Moonlit Scene made with Stamps!

Hey Guys!

I have another technique for you today on making another landscape scene!  This one is for a Moonlit water scene!  To see it done in person, you can watch me make it here!

Here is the card that I show how to make it!

I was so excited on how this card came out!  I even tackled doing a reflection!

Here are some of the cards that I show at the end that you might want to see closer!

I made this one after looking at this photo i found online:

Here’s another card I made:


I saw a card like this online, but couldn’t find it again.  I pretty much copied it!  I did change a little in the sky, but the rest I kept.  If you happen to see this card please let me know so I can give credit.  UPDATE: Thank you for everyone that mentioned where I saw this, Kim Jolley at stampinartfully.blogspot.com is the one that I got the idea from.  Thank you Kim!!

This is also from the same person, this is where I learned HOW to make the Scenes!  Again, if you see or know who made the original, please let me know!  I did add some Glitter & Clear Epoxy Dots to make the rain look more real!

Hope you like this post.  Check back in for my other posts!

Everything listed for my main picture at the top is listed below.  Click on any picture to be taken to my OnLine store!

Talk to you soon!

Lisa Tedder
A California Girl living in North Carolina

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