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Doing a Technique that scared me!

Hey Guys, Doing a Technique that scared me, is how I put on my big girl pants! Even though that is funny, I was REALLY intimidated by it! Evidently, I had nothing to be afraid of! Following my team meeting, where we all made each others cards, I found out that it was really very straightforward! If you watch my video today you will see how easy it is!! Overall I want to thank Bonnie M for showing me how to do this amazing card! Another thing you should know, if you watch Live on My YouTube Channel and comment Live, you will be put into a drawing to get this card in your mailbox!! Who doesn’t love HAPPY MAIL!!?

Doing a Technique that scared me!

Doing a Technique that scared me! This is the front.
This is the first panel when you pull the tag at the bottom.
Doing a Technique that scared me! 3rd panel
Doing a Technique that scared me! 4th and final panel
Doing a Technique that scared me! Inside the card.

In my video, I changed up the card to make it flow better. Please let me know if you like this one or the one I did on my video!! As you know, I like to change things up, it’s boring to do the exact same card!!

So, there you have it, I showed you a technique that scared me. Which ones scare you?

OnLine Exclusives are now Live!!

Basically if you have seen the posts I have done before this one. Of course, you will know that this was happening since I used them! Certainly everyone loves critters and BEAUTIFUL Designer paper! But, did you know that we are adding product in our OnLine Exclusives periodically throughout the year? Be sure and check it out!

35 years and still going!

Funny, but Stampin’ Up! is celebrating it’s 35th anniversary and so are my Husband and I! Really, I can’t believe that this man has made me laugh every day for 35+ years! But, I’m sure you don’t know that he cooks dinner 5 days out of the week! He is my best friend and I am so Happy that God brought him into my life! Equally important is that we STILL enjoy hanging out with each other! I wanted to share because you might want to know more about me!

Videos/Posts coming up

AS you know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then Christmas! However, I won’t be missing too many posts/videos. Since Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, I will skip that week and enjoy time with my family! As far as the rest of the time, I’ll be taking off the 1st week of December and of course the week of Christmas. But when January comes around I will be ready to do every week as usual! As I have noted before, if there is anything you would like to see, let me know!! Overall, I do this to, hopefully make you happy! I hope to see you today on my Live!!

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