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Coloring with Pencils & Markers

Hey Guys, I’m Coloring with Pencils & Markers to make cards look like you water colored them! As before I am using the Feathered Flight stamp set from Stampin’ Up! Another reason I am using this stamp set is because I love birds! Since today is Thursday I am doing my Live on YouTube. Of course, if you missed it you can catch it here!

Coloring with Pencils & Markers

Coloring with Pencils & Markers
Coloring with Pencils & Markers
Coloring with Pencils & Markers
Coloring with Pencils & Markers

In this case, Coloring with Pencils & Markers isn’t as hard as I thought. Basically I hope you will give it a try! Naturally, I don’t use these tools very often. Fact is that I am intimidated by them! As everyone says, practice makes perfect! Hopefully you will give it a try.

FREE Product!

Of course, during January and February for every $50 you spend you get to pick out something free! Normally there are a few things I love included, but this time they are all great! In short, if you look back on my projects you will see many of them!

Not only can you get free product you can join SU with a great deal!

Another great thing that comes with SAB is that SU! always offers a joining bonus! This time you can choose extra $$ or you can get the awesome and amazing product:

You get a tray that grips and a glass mat!

Of course, the Stampin’ Glass Mat Studio is a paper crafter’s dream! The heavy-duty glass mat comes printed with a ruler and grid lines for easy measuring, while the large surface space gives ample room for spreading out while paper crafting. Because, the safety-tempered glass has a heat and scratch resistant surface that wipes clean with the included cloth and water—no chemicals needed. Moreover, the reusable cloth also cleans ink off your stamps! Not withstanding the nonslip, heat resistant, waterproof silicone mat features four palette squares for mixing custom ink colors or for holding small ink spots in place while crafting. Also, each component can be used separately or you can use all three items together for a multipurpose paper crafting studio that’s both functional and elegant.

The Stampin’ Glass Mat Studio includes:

1. 5 mm thick
2. 17″ x 14″ (43.2 x 35.6 cm)
3. Safety-tempered
4. Heat and scratch resistant
5. Wipes clean with water or alcohol

1. 8-3/8″ x 6″ (21.3 x 15.2 cm)
2. Multiuse, nonslip
3. Waterproof, heat resistant
4. 4 palette squares for custom-color mixing or holding Stampin’ Spots
5. Product color: white

1. 8-1/4″ x 8-1/4″ (21 x 21 cm)
2. Durable, reusable
3. Lint free
4. Cleans stamps and other surfaces with only water
5. Product color: dark gray

Moreover, if you want to join Stampin’ Up! during Sale-A-Bration but are interested in a different join option you can instead get $125 USD worth of product PLUS an additional $30 USD worth of product of their choice when you join for $99 USD . Of course, that’s a $155 USD value!  Basically to join my team you get a choice, click here to join The Tedder Bears!!


Hopefully you will know that I appreciate you! Thank you so much for spending time with me! My biggest hope is that you will join me on one of my Lives! Did you know that if you comment Live, you will be put in a drawing to get one of the cards! Hopefully you will choose to join us!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Product List

Sneak Peek of NEW product!

Hey Guys, Sneak Peek of NEW product! In effect I have Fun Folds, an easy card and a stamp set that makes itself! Of course I love being a Demo with Stampin’ Up!, but my most favorite time is when I get to purchase product early! In brief it’s almost like being able to open a store on Black Friday on your own! If you are thinking this sounds awesome, you might want to think about joining my team and you too can get to see/buy product early!!

Sneak Peek of NEW product!

Because I have my Besties Club I am always looking for a Suite that will one: make me happy and two: make YOU happy! Of course I found that in the Hot Air Balloon Suite, here is a picture of my card:

Sneak Peek of NEW product!
Sneak Peek of NEW product!

Because this is a Suite the DSP is included, but because I wanted to use these Pastel Adhesive-Backed Sequins I didn’t use the embellishments from the Suite. From time to time I get ideas for Fancy Folds from other places. Today I got the idea from Lisa Curcio for the fold, thanks Lisa! Great name btw! 🙂

But wait there’s more!

Since it is Thursday which means it’s video day (watch here!) I didn’t stop at one card. I also used a set that came out recently called Feathered Flight! Now, I love nature stamps and this set called to me! I HAD to get it, the best part is that this card came together really fast! Given that you will have to let me know if you like it!

Sneak Peek of NEW product!

The best part is that I only used 2 colors, but you could get away with using one! For the DSP I used Zany Crew because it has black and white on the back side which fit perfectly with this card! Here is the inside:

Sneak Peek of NEW product!

Can you see why I said it practically made itself!? Really, I’ve never had a card that came together that fast! So, what do you think?

I also have one more card to share with you!

This might not be NEW but I love it!

FREE Shipping today only!!

Now that I have shown you the Sneak Peek of NEW product we can get to today’s special! Stampin’ Up! is having FREE shipping today, only if you spend $75 or more! From time to time we have a free shipping day and today is the day! For this reason, I will be placing my own order, I hope you take advantage of this too! Click here to place an order!

Thank you!

As always I want you to know that I appreciate you! Of course I have a small business, but when I am able to help you buy product that not only helps your mood it also helps others! Important to realize that sending a handmade card can make someone else’s day! Thank you so much for supporting my small business! I soooo appreciate you!

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

Product List