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Here’s a GREAT gift you can make for Christmas!

Hey Guys, Here’s a GREAT gift you can make for Christmas! Everyone loves a handmade gift, and this one is especially unique! Every year I try to make a framed art piece and I really love how it came out! If for some reason you missed seeing the video, you can find it here! Another reason to watch is that I have all the stamps and product I used listed with the order #. Plus you can make it and be the star of gift giving this year!

Here’s a GREAT gift you can make for Christmas!

Anyone would LOVE this gift!

Basically look past the reflection to see how awesome this is. Chiefly I love this gift because it uses a lot of the stamp sets from this years Mini Catalog! Besides me loving this, my hope is that you will love it too! Particularly since it’s a GREAT gift you can make for Christmas! If you would like the PDF for this project, subscribe to my Newsletter and I will be sending it out (with others) next week for free!

5 days left!!

Above all I want you to be aware that one of the best joining offers to SU! is almost over! Be that as it may I didn’t want you to miss out of getting either 35% off the price of the kit OR 35% MORE in your kit. So, you can pay $64.35 and get $125 worth of product your choice OR you can pay $99 and get $168.75 worth of product! But, did you know that you won’t have to have your initial $300 (usually in about 4 months time to keep your discount) you will have until April of 2024!! WOW! Plus, of course you will be a part of my team where I will be here to help you, you can come to my meetings, get a discount and more!


As always, I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here! As we all know, you could be ANYWHERE right now, but the fact that you are reading this makes me so happy! I would love for you to leave me a comment, this way I am not guessing you were here! LOL Overall, I wish you to have a great rest of your week, and I will talk with you next week!

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