PP Outside the Box Alternatives

Check out what I made from the kit!

Hey Guys!, Today I am sharing my PP outside the box alternatives! Paper Pumpkin is so much fun! For this reason every month I am excited to see what my surprise will be! OF course, Christmas cards are my all time FAVE! To point out, did you see that there is a Sleigh in the stamps!! Every time I see a sleigh like this one, it takes me back to when I was a kid traveling to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. Consequently, sitting in the back of the station wagon I was always looking for the sleigh! Most important, my parents had the radio on and they were saying that they spotted something RED in the air that was blinking! On the whole do you have any fun memories of Christmas and Santa?

Consequently go to my Live or on my Channel, to see these cards made, you can click here. For the most part, I really love doing my Live’s by unfortunately I have to do them about once a month. I WILL still be doing videos so be sure to subscribe so you can get ideas or learn a new technique! At this point, after 20 years of stamping that I would get tired of doing it! NOPE! I still get just as excited when I see something pretty that I created. Growing up thinking I didn’t have a creative bone in my body, then I was introduced to Stampin’ Up! and with practice I can now say I AM creative!! WooHoo!! Most important, you will love my PP outside the box alternatives!

PP outside the Box alternative #1

PP outside the box!
A little embossing with snowflakes = FUN

Card 2:

THIS is the sleigh image I love!  PP outside the box
Don’t you LOVE the Sleigh!?

Card 3:

PP outside the box, such pretty Glimmer Paper!

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To emphasize, every month us three (Carol, Hetty and I) come up with 2 cards each using one suite out of the catalog. It’s super funny that, like Chopped on t.v., that all three of us have the same ingredients, but not ONCE have we created something similar to the others! Surprisingly, even I learn something every month! Undeniably, you get to have between $20 – $22 worth of product, all supplies cut for you, a color PDF with step by step instructions. For the reason of helping you, we also put them together on Zoom for you to attend or watch later so if you need personal instruction there it is!! To get even more info click here.

Finally get the PDFs!!

As I have noted, I am always grateful for you coming here and reading this!! Overall, If you would like any of the PDF’s I am giving them to everyone who signs up for my Newsletter! Point often overlooked, sign up form is on right side of my blog. Moreover, I send out the PDF’s 2 times a month. All in all, I would love to keep you informed on all the happenings going on, plus share my PDF’s!

Thank you again.

Lisa Tedder
A former California girl living in North Carolina

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