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Hi!  My name is Lisa and I have been rubber stamping for over 14 years now!  I love how Stampin’ Up! has helped me find a creativity I never knew existed!  My goal for this site is to help you find yours and have fun at the same time! I am a Stay at Home Mom.  I have five kids, but only 1 is at home right now.  My kids ages range from 16- almost 36!  I have been married to my husband Howie for almost 29 years!   He is my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better husband!

I live in North Carolina, but have lived all over the states.  NO!  We are not from the Military, my husband just can’t seem to stay put for very long.  🙂  I think of mysef as a California girl, but we love NC and don’t plan on moving from here until we are ready to retire.

I never knew I was creative, I thought God passed me up when he was handing out creative bones.  🙂  It still amazes me when I see something I have designed and realize I did it!  I love to read when I’m not stamping.  If there is any technique you would like to see, I would love to make a card using it for you!  Just let me know! Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors!

Lisa Tedder

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